15 ideas for planting wooden wheelbarrows combined with extremely beautiful flower beds

Lucky and blessed you are if you have an outside garden in your house to enjoy. Fresh and colorful flowers, green grass, fruity vines all cheer you up whenever you take a stroll in your garden.

To maintain a garden and its natural beauty is really tiring hard work. So to assist, you must be having a wheelbarrow in your garden to carry the soil and leave the foliage. If you think your wheelbarrow is now no more functional, you can turn it into an innovative and unique planter with our 15 wooden wheelbarrow planter ideas.

Here, you will find a creative way to adorn your garden beauty with new perspectives using the old and retired wheelbarrows more purposefully. Just peek into the ideas attentively and make your own wheelbarrow planter with a little effort and style added to it. If you really liked and loved the idea, you can build new wheelbarrows for this austere type of planter possession.

Wooden wheelbarrows would do best for the function; they can be treated with wooden wheels or industrial steel or iron wheels for the complete look. Then fill fertile soil in them and plant your favorite bunch of flowers or herbs for an eye grasping planter for your garden area.

1. Build a Bohemian Wheelbarrow

Build a bohemian wheelbarrow with wood blocks and scrap from the craft store if you don’t already have a wood supply at your home store. You can buy it from a wood store at affordable rates. Additionally, use one wood crate and other basic supplies for creating this super stylish wheelbarrow. You can plant your favorite flowers and herbs in this DIY barrow for your home garden’s decoration purpose. Moreover, paint it with a walnut wood stain to give this wheelbarrow a dreamier look! placeofmytaste

2. Wooden Home Address Wheelbarrow

Place your home number plate in a new and trending style with this customized wheelbarrow. Create this wheelbarrow with wood blocks and plywood from the craft store easily and efficiently. Additionally, you can utilize the steel plate or buy a new plate for stenciling the house number on it. The best thing is that you can also use the bucket part of this wheelbarrow for planting. But only if you desire. diyhuntress

3. How to Build a Wheelbarrow Planter

It’s much easier to create a wheelbarrow at home if you have already worked on wood-crafting projects. The best thing about this wheelbarrow is its affordability. You can build it effortlessly by reusing the wood scrap or blocks that are already available at home. Additionally, you can make this decorative wheelbarrow not only for outdoor decoration but also for indoor. You can plant the flowers in it, as well as place the terracotta pots in the wheelbarrow. howtospecialist

4. DIY Kids Wheelbarrow

DIY kids wheelbarrow to place their stuff and decorate birthday events. You can use plywood or scrap to make this wheelbarrow with great ease. Excitingly! You can use the reclaimed wood also from your supplies to get your hands on this project. Let your kids represent the gifts to their friends in a new style with this handmade wheelbarrow. jaimecostiglio

5. Rustic Fall Wheelbarrow

Reuse the rustic wooden bucket and scrap from the craft to make this versatile wheelbarrow. Use this barrow for placing pots, as well as planting flowers. The best thing about this barrow is that you can use the steel wheel instead of the wooden wheels in this customized project. Not only for outdoor, but you can also work on this DIY project for indoor spring decoration. jenwoodhouse

6. Rustic Fall Wheelbarrow Decor

Decorate your home and room in a new style for fall and Halloween celebrations. Create this rustic wheelbarrow for fall decoration using wooden storage buckets, blocks, and wheels. If you have the same supplies in your hands, the only thing you need to do is adjusting them using drilling tools. Fill this handmade wheelbarrow with dried leaves, stems, and pumpkin. Other than this, you can also decorate it with other embellishing accessories. You can also paint this wheelbarrow with your favorite Fall color to give it a more realistic look. remodelandola

7. Tipped Wheelbarrow Planter for Garden

Reuse an old tipped wheelbarrow for planting flowers and other things in your home garden like a pro. The main reason for considering the discarded tipped wheelbarrow is utilizing the waste supplies for recycling projects. So, you can keep your environment clean and green. Moreover, you don’t need to invest higher in planting pots by using the wheelbarrow for this purpose. Luckily! You can use the less garden space uniquely to plant your favorite flowers, trees, and herbs. thehoneycombhome

8. How to Make a Seasonal Wheelbarrow

Enjoy your seasonal decoration and makeover without stepping out of your budget with this new style wheelbarrow. Create it with wood blocks, scraps, and pallets from your shipping supplies. If you are familiar with wood-crafting, you would surely love working on this project. Excitingly! You can use this wheelbarrow in multiple ways for planting and placing seasonal decorative items in it. It’s all up to your desires and space specifications. So, decorate it in whatever way you want to do it. divaofdiy

9. Fall Outdoor Wheelbarrow Decor

Happy Halloween! This season is all about home decoration and makeovers. But you also have to consider the outdoor and entrance Halloween décor. You can decorate your entrance and outdoor areas without stepping out of your budget. Create this super adorable and versatile wheelbarrow for outdoor decoration with wood blocks and shipping wooden crates. You can make this decorative wheelbarrow more attractive by placing a larger faux pumpkin on it. Make this wheelbarrow more vibrant and aesthetic by painting it with your favorite or desired paint color. 100things2do

10. Create a Vintage Wheelbarrow Planter

Create a vintage and rustic look decorative wheelbarrow for your home garden. You can use this wheelbarrow for planting flowers and seeds like a pro, even while having less space. The best thing about this project is its affordability. You can reuse an old steel suitcase or storage bucket to build this rustic and vintage-style wheelbarrow planter. Additionally, you can also use the discarded iron containers inside this wheelbarrow to plant more flowers at the same time. thisoldhouse

11. Build Your Own Decor Wheelbarrow

Decorate your home garden and indoor in a new style for this Halloween season. Create this versatile and super adorable wheelbarrow for your home’s decoration purpose using wooden buckets and blocks. The only thing you need to do is customizing or assembling the blocks and storage bucket in a wheelbarrow pattern. You can fill it with dried grass, faux pumpkins, and other Fall season decorative accessories. The best thing about this decorative bucket is that you can move it comfortably at the desired place because of the wheel. ivyiron

12. DIY Rustic Style Wheelbarrow

DIY a rustic style wheelbarrow for Fall decoration and makeover of your home. Build this super affordable and multipurpose wheelbarrow with a wooden storage bucket, blocks, and pallets. The only thing you need to do is assembling all the supplies in a pattern by getting help from tutorials and written guidelines. Additionally, you can also paint this wheelbarrow with wood stain or leave it in the original form. It’s all up to your needs and supplies specifications. You would surely love this farmhouse-style rusty décor look for indoor and outdoor. fixthisbuildthat

13. Building a Rustic Wheelbarrow

Nothing would more fun-loving and creative than building a DIY decorative wheelbarrow for home decoration. You can create this barrow effortlessly with affordable supplies and easily available tools. For this, you can reuse the woodblocks, pallets, and wheels from your craft store. Use this wheelbarrow for planting flowers or placing pots. Moreover, you can give this wheelbarrow a more realistic and impressive look by placing your nameplate on it using wood scrap. chatfieldcourt

14. Wheelbarrow Full of Sunshine

Fill your garden with blooming flowers and herbs in this Spring season with a handmade wheelbarrow. For this purpose, you can reuse an old iron wheelbarrow. However, if you want to build it yourself, using wood supplies is the best option. You can plant the flowers, as well as place the planting pots in this recycled wheelbarrow. Moreover, you can adjust it simultaneously in your garden or move it effortlessly because of the rolling wheel. makeitagarden

15. Easy DIY Rustic Wheelbarrow

Provide a new place and space for your kids to play in the home garden with this customized wheelbarrow. Create this wheelbarrow yourself with rustic wood blocks, pallets, and storage buckets. Moreover, you can use the wooden or steel wheel according to your specifications. On the other hand, kids would love to place their toys, books, and other accessories in this wheelbarrow.

It would be much easier for you to collect all the kid’s stuff and place it in their room efficiently with this DIY decorative wheelbarrow. So, work on this craft project to improve your crafting skills and get a new storage space for kid’s items. sawdust2stitches

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