A blind Husky finds a devoted guide dog, inspiring support and friendship

The bond between dogs knows no boundaries, and it extends beyond humans. In the heartwarming story of Sterling, a blind Siberian Husky, and his devoted companion Walker, an Alaskan Malamute, their friendship has grown even stronger as Sterling has needed extra assistance.

Sterling was diagnosed with glaucoma nearly four years ago, which led to his loss of vision. But with Walker by his side, acting as an unofficial guide dog, Sterling continues to navigate life with joy and determination.

Lillian and Martin McKee, the loving owners of these remarkable dogs, have witnessed the extraordinary bond between Sterling and Walker.

“The boys are very bonded and have been for a very long time,” Lillian shares with My Modern Met. Both dogs were rescued from Texas Sled Dog Rescue, approximately a year apart, during Lillian’s time in Houston. They are also close in age, further deepening their connection.

In June 2018, Lillian and Martin noticed the cloudiness in Sterling’s eyes, leading to his diagnosis of glaucoma. Despite the challenging news, Sterling remained resilient. “Sterling took it like a champ,” Lillian recalls. “We actually went hiking right after the diagnosis.

We promised Sterling that his life would not change with the diagnosis, but I was terrified that I would not be able to keep that promise.” As Sterling’s vision gradually faded, they fought to delay the inevitable blindness that accompanies canine glaucoma. They even incorporated RexSpecs, specially designed goggles for dogs, to protect Sterling’s eyes during their 18-month battle.

With Walker assuming the role of an unofficial guide dog and Lillian and Martin providing unwavering support, Sterling continues to engage in activities he loves. Despite his visual impairment, Sterling’s spirit remains unbroken, thanks to the love and companionship of his best friend Walker. Their story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of friendship and the incredible resilience of dogs in the face of adversity.

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