A Parent’s Unyielding Love: Nurturing a Daughter Through the Challenges of a Growing Giant Tumor(VIDEO)

An 11-month-old baby has a growth shaped like a cone sprouting from the top of her head

MK Cruz was born with the ginormous growth, but it has only continued to get bigger and biggerCredit: ViralPress
She has a condition which caused excess fluid to fill the inside cavities of her brainCredit: ViralPress

It meant only half her skull developed while a fluid-filled ball – bigger than her head – formed on the outside.

Her father, Reynaldo Cruz, a tricycle driver from Manila, the Philippines, said that the growth has started swelling out of control.

The massive lump is now affecting her eyesight and they are trying to save money to get it removed.

Cathleen said: “My daughter can be saved. There are doctors who can do it. We will keep fighting for her.”

MK Cruz with her mum Cathleen Chavoso, who is desperately trying to find a surgeonCredit: Viral Press
The infant’s family are desperate to get the growth removed as it starts to affect her eyesightCredit: Viral Press
MK was born with hydrocephalus – a condition that causes a build up fluid on the brainCredit: Viral Press
The infant’s family say the surgery to remove it would be risky but they don’t know what else to do to save their daughterCredit: Viral Press

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