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Ali Hussain Khan remains optimistic despite his serious illness

The boy from India is the only survivor among six brothers suffering from the evil genetic disease progeria. Progeria is a rare genetic disease with only about 80 people infected worldwide, causing the body to age eight times faster than normal.

Ali’s two brothers and three sisters also had the disease and often died in their teens from heart attacks or pneumonia. But Ali Hussain Khan still did not give up hope that a medical miracle would help him escape the strange disease before adulthood.

He said: “I really want to live and hope there will be medicine to cure me. I’m not afraid of death, but my parents have suffered too much loss. I don’t want to die before my parents, I don’t want them to suffer any more pain.”

Ali Hussain Khan’s father – Mr. Nabi Hussain Khan (50 years old) and his mother – Mrs. Razia (46 years old) from Bihar state, Northern India, said the two were cousins, victims of marriage. predetermined 32 years ago.

When their first daughter Rehana was born in 1983, they had no idea that a series of misfortunes would befall the baby. Just after her second birthday, Rehana was unable to eat or walk, and they had to take their daughter to a local doctor. However, the doctor gave up and the girl died not long after.

This inbred couple went to the doctor again after their son Ikramul, born in 1987, suffered from the same disease. Doctors advised the couple not to stop having children and to avoid them every time they brought their child. It is known that Mr. Nabi works as a security guard in a factory with a salary of only 20 USD/month.

However, two daughters, Gudiya and Rubina, were born in 1989 and 1992, followed by Ali in 1999 and a son who died at birth. All had progeria.

Luckily, the couple also has two children who do not suffer from this terrible disease. Ali said that with a weight of just over 11 kg and a height of 1.1 m, he was constantly teased by his friends so he had to stay indoors. Ali said: “I want to be like normal people who can play, go to school, participate in some sports and experience danger.”

Doctor Sekhar Chattopadyay said this is the only case in the world where all six siblings in the family have this strange disease.



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