Amidst the sadness of losing her mother, a stray dog ​​jumped into her arms as the warmest comfort

Jaquelien Masceno is one of the many people who lost the person she loved the most to Covid-19 , but she had the honor of being comforted by a beautiful stray dog ​​who arrived when she needed him most.

The 37-year-old woman is from Brazil.

Jaqueline recently lost her mother to the coronavirus, just one day after being admitted to the hospital. Although she was not able to say goodbye to her mother on her deathbed, she received the most sincere hug from a furry boy who saw her cry. desperately after hearing the sad news about his mother. Jaqueline comments:

“It was very hard for me, it was a lot of pain, I screamed desperately, I left the hospital and sat outside crying.”

With immense pain in her heart and obvious sadness, Jaqueline began to cry on a sidewalk in front of the hospital when she was surprised by the little dog , who did not hesitate to comfort her in the midst of her irreplaceable loss.

“When I sat down, the doctors and my husband came behind me trying to calm me down. The dog was lying down, and he saw me, came out of nowhere and jumped into my arms. But he jumped in a way I never saw because my dogs didn’t even do it.”

This beautiful gesture of love on the part of the little dog made a difference in the midst of a tragedy. Jaqueline highlights that through the dog’s caresses she was able to feel the spiritual presence of her mother .

Although those who were witnessing the moving scene at that moment commented that they should take the dog out, she insisted, saying:

“Don’t take it out, it’s my mother saying goodbye.”

This undoubtedly ended up moving witnesses and of course, Jaqueline, who ended up changing the life of the little dog who gave her the most tender gesture of love in the middle of one of the most difficult episodes she has had to face.

Jaqueline left the hospital with a great emptiness but first, she left her number to the hospital staff who she asked to call her if they saw the dog again. On the day of the mass in honor of her mother, she received a call from her and without thinking twice she sent for the little dog .

He didn’t get to say goodbye to his mother but he welcomed a new being into his life.

Since then, life for these two beings changed completely, Jaqueline received the little dog she ended up calling Gabriel at her house, bathed, fed and neutered him to officially welcome him to his new home .

Although Jaqueline lost her mother, she is sure that this little dog is a beautiful little angel sent to make her days more bearable . Let us remember that in the midst of pain and tragedy there are always reasons to move forward.

There is no feeling more pure and true than that of a beloved pet and its owner. Share this emotional story on your networks and let’s be empathetic with all those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

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