Andre Iguodala’s Bold Claim: Warriors’ Championship Quest Continues

Andre Iguodala says the championship window has not yet closed for the Warriors.
NBA-Golden dynasty: Warriors win fourth NBA Championship in eight years

Even after the Warriors’ second-round flameout in the 2023 Western playoffs, Andre Iguodala says he’s not worried about his former team’s chances heading into this season. In fact, as he told his co-hosts on First Take, he believes the Warriors are still strong title contenders as long as they have Steph Curry on the team.

“When you have Steph on your team you always shave a chance,” said Iggy. “You can never count him out. It’s him and LeBron… you can’t count them out until it’s over.”

As Curry’s teammate for eight seasons, Andre Iguodala got a first-hand experience of Currey at his best and he knows exactly what he’s capable of. Even as he heads into his 15th season, Steph remains one of the best in the league and his impact should have the Warriors squarely in the race for the title.

Of course, as much as it is about Steph, the Warriors will also be relying on Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, and Jonathan Kumimga to help carry the load and fill their roles offensively. Warriors newcomer Chris Paul brings veteran experience and brilliant playmaking off the bench.

The X-Factor For The Warriors

Following a disappointing playoff run, the Warriors doubled down on their core by trading Jordan Poole for Chris Paul, who is seemingly a much better fit in the locker room. Paul, 38, doesn’t yet have a definitive role in the rotation, but head coach Steve Kerr has hinted that he could start alongside Curry and Klay this season and fans are eager to see how such a lineup would play out.
Watch: Chris Paul hits pull up jumper from corner for first bucket

After 18 seasons, Paul isn’t the guy he used to be and his slower pace of play has sparked some concerns that he could struggle to keep up with the faster play style that Steve Kerr likes to run. So far, despite the noise, .

Curry Is Embracing The Challenge

When it comes to the Warriors, they only go as far as Stephen Curry takes them and that remains true as the 2x MVP enters his 15th season. In the face of a toxic locker room situation and various threats in the Western Conference, Curry still had an MVP-worthy campaign with averages of 29.4 points, 6.3 assists, and 6.1 rebounds per game on 49.3% shooting.
Warriors-Kings: Golden State embraces 'new challenge' down 2-0

In the 2023-24 campaign, nobody is sure what to expect from Steph, but as long as he can stay healthy there’s no reason to think he won’t be among the best in the world again. And if that’s true, then it’s a given that Golden State will be at least somewhat competitive in the title chase next season. As long as Steph is Steph, the Warriors will always be a team to fear in the NBA.
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