Baby’s Locks Break the Internet: A 10-Week-Old’s Unforgettable Hair Journey(VIDEO)

Emerson Blake Nutley from Lewes, East Sussex, England has a natural mohawk hairstyle that surprises everyone he meets. The boy’s mother shared that at 10 weeks old, Emerson Blake Nutley’s hair always stood up, even after washing or combing it, it did not fall into place like a normal person’s.


The 10-week-old boy suddenly became famous on social networks because of his unique hair

Cute photos of Emerson Blake Nutley quickly attracted netizens right after the boy’s mother shared the story on social networks. Many netizens even edited and made photos of the boy with many funny shapes.

‘The boy looks like an 80s artist with a mohawk. Recently, I took my child to a cafe, and as soon as I took him out of the stroller, everyone around me said, ‘Oh my god, look at his hair’. He attracts so much attention when we go out, he’s just like a celebrity,’ shared Emerson Blake Nutley’s mother.


His distinctive blond hair made little Emerson known to many locals and now netizens, he is famous throughout social networks. Every time I go out, many people ask to take pictures with the boy, and some people buy him gifts.

In the future, Nicolle Green, the boy’s mother, hopes that Emerson’s personality matches his exceptionally rare wild hair. Some family members hope that with his naturally rebellious hair, the boy will become an artist or rock star in the future.

Nicolle Green said: ‘I love my son’s hair, it’s really fun and interesting to look at. Family and friends love the boy’s hair, every photo I post on social networks receives a lot of attention and comments about the hair.


Some opinions say that the boy has ‘straw broom hair’ syndrome. The disease is caused by genetic mutations that cause hair follicles to be heart-shaped instead of round. The condition is extremely rare with about 100 cases recorded in the world, one of whom is the prominent scientist Albert Einstein. However, when Emerson’s parents took him to the doctor for a check-up, the results were different.

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