Bending but Unbroken: A Remarkable Journey of a 9-Year-Old Girl Facing a Unique Challenge (Video)


Afhseen was born in Mithi, Singh Province, Pakistan. Her father is Allah Jurio, 55 years old and mother is Jameelan, 50 years old. She was born healthy like any other baby until she was 8 months old.

“When Afhseen was 8 months old, she fell on the ground while playing outside and injured her neck. We didn’t pay much attention to Afhseen’s initial condition. Furthermore, because we had no money, we only took our child for faith treatment at a local healer. But her condition did not improve at all. And then as he grew older, Afhseen’s condition became more serious,” Afhseen’s mother shared.

Afhseen cannot keep his neck in a straight position like a normal person

With her neck always turned 90 degrees from normal, Afhseen cannot stand or walk properly. She also cannot sit all day. Afhseen cannot keep her head straight and complains of pain in her neck. Afhseen also cannot do anything for herself, all of her activities are helped by everyone.

Afhseen’s only friends are her siblings
Doctors believe Afhseen suffered from a muscle disorder or spinal abnormality

Even sadder, Afhseen always has to endure criticism and ridicule from everyone around him.

“It’s terrible to see my daughter in this condition. Local doctors were unable to diagnose Afhseen’s condition. They advised us to take our child to the Medical Center in the city. But we don’t have money to go to big hospitals for treatment.

Afhseen has to live in pain and cannot go to school

We want our children to go to school and have fun with everyone. But they all said bad things about our daughter. They laughed at her. It’s really a pain. To avoid those evil looks and comments, we kept our children at home. My child’s friends are only siblings,” Afhseen’s mother said in pain.

Doctors believe that Afhseen has a muscle disorder or an abnormality in the spine, but her parents do not have enough money to have their child undergo the necessary tests to give the most accurate diagnosis.

Afhseen’s parents believe she suffered from a fall when she was 8 months old
Because they are so poor, Afhseen’s parents do not have enough money to help her perform tests and come to a final conclusion about her condition.

“This is one of the rarest of the rare,” said Dr Dilip Kumar, director of a private clinic in Mithi who witnessed Afhseen’s case. Her condition could be due to a spinal deformity or a muscle disorder but it can only be concluded after a thorough examination. We do not have the facilities on hand, so we ask Afhseen’s family to take her to Karachi, where she can be saved through volunteer activities to have money for treatment.”


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