Captured Courage: A Video Journey into How the Iconic Little Girl Confronts Crisis(VIDEO)

Portrait of baby Amal Hussain was published by the New York Times.

Amal – the girl whose name means “hope” in Arabic – died in a refugee camp just four miles from the children’s hospital.

The photo of the child’s body in a state of skin and bones was published by the New York Times last week, attracting the attention of a large number of readers who wrote letters expressing sympathy as well as sending money to support . to my family.

It is known that Amal fell into an exhausted state just a few weeks ago, and she was taken to a cramped clinic in Aslam because her family could not afford to send her to major hospitals. At this clinic, Amal was fed every 2 hours but still saw no progress. She frequently vomited and had diarrhea, then died of malnutrition three days later.

“I don’t have money to treat her.” – Amal’s mother said in sobs. “When Amal was seriously ill, all I could do was take her home to take care of her! Her death broke my heart.”

The above image of 7-year-old Amal is just one of 1.8 million other children suffering from severe malnutrition after the constant war in Yemen. Rising food prices are the main cause of a series of incurable diseases in young children, simply because their bodies do not have enough nutrients or resistance to fight viruses or epidemics. The disease is life-threatening. This situation has raised concerns that a man-made famine disaster could threaten to wipe out the country in the near future.

A baby girl suffering from malnutrition and cerebral palsy is held in the arms of her 70-year-old grandmother at a hospital in Yemen.

Another tragic case: Photo of a 3-year-old boy lying on a hospital bed in Hajjah district, Yemen.

“This is one of humanity’s most serious problems to date.” – said Ms. Juliette Touma, UNICEF ambassador in North Africa and the Middle East. “During my 15 years as a volunteer for this humanitarian organization, I have never seen anything so bad. The children are all very weak, their eyes are completely empty and lifeless!”

The image of baby Amal, or of millions of other children suffering from hunger in this land torn by bombs and bullets, has become a tragic symbol of war. As many international netizens have voiced, the war in Yemen is a war “against children”:

“How painful it is! That moment when you realize that there is a place in the world where seeds of the future doesn’t even have enough food to grow. I think humanity is going backwards compared to humanity’s progress! Stop this war!”

“In the 21st century, and that child starved to death, it’s unimaginable! This image will forever be imprinted in me, and my heart is truly broken.”

“Rest in peace, little angel! I hope you will be reincarnated into another life, a life without suffering and chaos anymore!”


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