“CIVIL BATTLE”: Following Arsenal’s victory over Nottingham, supporters became enraged when Zinchenko and Ben White got into a brawl and Arteta had to step in right away. ‎

BEN WHITE and Oleksandr Zinchenko had to be pulled apart after full-time following a furious bust-up.

The pair lined up in defence together as Arsenal eked out a nervy 2-1 win away at Nottingham Forest.


Oleksandr Zinchenko clashed with Ben White after full-time at Nottingham Forest


The pair were said to be arguing over Forest’s late goal

Arteta reprimanded his left-back on the City Ground pitch

Arteta reprimanded his left-back on the City Ground pitch

White also got a talking to from his boss

White also got a talking to from his boss

But despite the victory, there appeared to be an angry altercation between them at full-time.

It is understood the rowing team-mates clashed over the late goal the Gunners conceded at the City Ground as Taiwo Awoniyi found the net on 89 minutes to set up a tense finale.

Zinchenko was beaten in the air on the edge of the penalty area and Forest striker Awoniyi turned Gabriel before firing past David Raya.

Arsenal did eventually see out injury time to hold on to the crucial three points.

But White and Zinchenko had to be physically separated as tempers boiled over.

Manager Mikel Arteta even had to step in and confront the Ukrainian left-back over his conduct, giving him a stern and public talking to.

A smiling Arteta told TNT Sports: “That’s pushing each other and being not happy conceding.

“I have to encourage that and promote it in the right way and a respectful way.

“Sometimes after the game, it’s emotional and heated but I love that the players are pushing each other and demanding excellence.

“Today we conceded a goal that was not at the level that we want.”

Thanks to goals from Gabriel Jesus and Bukayo Saka, Arsenal won and pulled within two points of leaders Liverpool; however, the Reds still have a game remaining.

The Gunners supporters were so thrilled to witness their team make progress toward winning the Premier League for the first time since 2004.

Additionally, the majority of fans held a unified position regarding the scenes at full time.

One said: “Stupid last five. White had a proper go at Zinchenko at FT, had to be kept apart. Love the passion, how it should be.”

Another wrote: “Ben White and Zinchenko fighting over conceding a goal, that’s the standard Mikel Arteta has set and I love it.”

A third added: “Zinchenko caught out again. White making sure he knows he was at fault. Good.”

A fourth replied: “Ben White is 100 per cent in his right to have a go at him because that goal could have been prevented if he followed his runner.”

A fifth commented: “Ben White spoke for all of us when he had a word with Zinchenko.”

And a final user responded: “I love this, as long as it doesn’t get physical… Ben has a right to be mad.”

Zinchenko was criticised for his involvement in Taiwo Awoniyi's late goal

Zinchenko was criticised for his involvement in Taiwo Awoniyi’s late goal 

Arsenal held on for a 2-1 win to move within two points of Liverpool

Arsenal held on for a 2-1 win to move within two points of Liverpool

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