COST DEARLY: Despite having just returned, Real Sociedad manager confirmed that Arsenal star Kieran Tierney had ruptured his hamstring, preventing him from playing. ‎

Tierney had just returned to playing games and now faces this unfortunate setback – one that could cost him dearly.

Arsenal FC 🇫🇷 on X: "😣 Kieran Tierney est sorti blessé ce soir pendant  le match Celta Vigo - Real Sociedad…" / X

Tierney acelera el debut de Galán con la Real Sociedad

Tierney was injured a lot in his career

Tierney has been on loan in Spain since August, but a hamstring injury in September forced him out of action until December.

After two months on the sidelines, the Arsenal man broke back into the Sociedad side, starting every league game for the next month and a half.

But it looks like a new injury will bring that run to an end.

Just 39 minutes into Real Sociedad’s game away to Celta de Vigo on Tuesday, Tierney pulled up with an injury and was substituted.

After the game, head coach Imanol Alguacil broke the news that it appears to be a hamstring rupture.

“We are going to wait for the relevant tests to be done, but it is clear that it is a hamstring rupture,” Alguacil said.

“A shame, because with Aihen [Munoz] out, even if (potential new signing) Javi Galán comes, it is important to double up in positions with the games we are going to have to play.”

If the awful news is verified, you should anticipate being sidelined for a month. One month may even be overly optimistic, given Tierney previously experienced a two-month hamstring ailment earlier in the season.

Tierney and Real Sociedad, who are now vying for European qualification as well as a spot in the Champions League final 16 and Copa del Rey semi-finals, have suffered yet another blow.

It appears that Tierney won’t be playing for his loan team in the forthcoming matchup against Paris Saint-Germain.

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