Courage in Small Packages: Unveiling the Powerful Story of a Two-Year-Old Battling Rare Challenges (VIDEO)

Baby Aidan Jackoviak Smith was born prematurely at 8 weeks old in 2010, weighing about 2 kg and without any pregnancy complications.

However, later the boy suffered from a strange facial disease. When he was only 3 weeks old, Aidan had continuous seizures, his entire face, back and legs swelled at a dizzying rate.

The boy’s mother, Vikki (40 years old), said: “At first, the doctors thought it was Proteus Syndrome, but after a biopsy about half a year ago, the results were negative.”

Proteus syndrome is a rare human disease of congenital origin. The disease is also known as Wiedemann’s syndrome, named after German medical doctor Hans-Rudolf Wiedemann.

People with this syndrome often have overgrown skin and bones. In addition, abnormal growth of tissues causes the patient’s body to develop disproportionately, forming tumors. The number of people with this disease is very rare, the rate is 1/1,000,000 people.

Currently, experts suspect the boy is one of 130 people with Cloves syndrome, a rare disease with abnormalities of the blood vessels, skin and spinal cord. According to doctors, the boy’s brain was also seriously damaged so he will never be able to walk or talk like other normal children.


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