Cranial Wonders: The Extraordinary Odyssey of the Boy with an Exceptionally Large Head(Video)

The two gave birth to a baby with an abnormally sized head, and it’s scaring and terrifying them, because it’s something they’ve never seen before.

She said that when she was pregnant she always went for checkups and the doctors always told her that her baby was fine and that there was no problem with her health, and she kept thinking that according to her everything was fine.

The doctors always asked if she lived near her or with people who played karate because her baby played a lot in her womb, but she said she didn’t live near those types of people and they left it at that.

Her husband continued to care for his pregnant wife in every way he could, just to make sure his wife and unborn baby were okay, because that was all they ever wanted, and by then everything was going absolutely fine.

She says that she doesn’t know at all why she keeps facing such problems, because her other children were also not at all normal and her firstborn had the problem of dying and then coming back to life, and this happened more than four times, and she says that’s why He believes that God has always been by his side.

That day his firstborn died at 7 in the morning.

They cried and began to make preparations for the barrier.

He was still a small baby, but around 2 in the afternoon they had him crying and he had come back to life, which they referred to as a miracle of his life.

When she was pregnant and waiting for the second bone, she had a problem with her ovary and bladder.

At the same time she went to the hospital and they put a tube in, but she was still urinating on herself and the doctor said they had never seen a case like that.

But after a while her situation improved.

However, she did not receive any treatment.

She was told that her ovary was damaged and that she would be able to give birth at least after 10 years.

And now her whole body is very weak and she is very afraid that if her baby is not treated, they may lose her when visitors come to visit them.

They don’t want to hold this baby at all and they keep saying that his head weighs 100 kilograms, which hurts a lot, and every time he sees sights, he says that most of the time he doesn’t want them to see his baby anymore. .

The baby’s father says that when they just came from the hospital, the head was not as big as it is now, but after a while of not receiving treatment, it started growing day by day and they still don’t know where. will finish.

The more the beggar grows, the size of her head will increase, and they both kindly ask whoever is watching this video to please help them to save the life of their baby, because she has a great hope that one day her baby will heal and stop being a baby, like any other baby.

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This is the prince.

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