De’Aaron Fox and Stephen Curry’s Kings Collaboration: A Match Made in Hoops Heaven

Kings DeAaron Fox may have some animosity vs the Warriors but this did not stop Stephen Curry in making him the Curry Brand endorser

Battles among California teams have gotten heated in the last few years. This saw the rise of the Sacramento Kings from the ashes of their playoff drought and the tail-end of the Golden State Warriors dynasty. All of the animosity and vitriol does not at all mean that stars in these teams cannot link up. After all, their names still give off a lot of name recall to the public. This may help boost sales for another player’s brand. Stephen Curry recognizes how big of a pull De’Aaron Fox’s name is. This led him to get the star and sign him to Under Armour’s Curry Brand.
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The deal has no details nor is it ironed out yet. But, De’Aaron Fox is getting close to finalizing the endorsement deal with Stephen Curry and Under Armour. The Kings star will be the first NBA player to be the Curry brand’s endorser, per Shams Charania of The Athletic.
Warriors in rare territory, trail Kings 2-0 in NBA playoffs | KLAS

Fox originally had a sneaker deal with Nike but may have chosen not to renew. There were also rumblings of Fox potentially reviving and being the face of Charles Barkley’s sneaker line. The Kings star may no longer be able to pursue this venture but brighter pastures are ahead of him now with the Warriors legend.

It is uncertain if he gets his own silhouettes and colorways that may be part of the deal. But, one thing most Kings fans would hope happens is that these shoes help him inherit the best three-point shooter of all-time’s range and jump shot. Will you keep an eye on when these drop?

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