Defying the Odds: A Miraculous Journey of Conquering a Massive Facial Challenge(VIDEO)


Mr. Mike Koech, who lives in the Republic of Kenya, went through months of constant pain and suffering with a giant tumor on his face. The monster tumor caused his face to be horribly deformed, Koech’s nose and mouth were deviated to one side, his left eye was completely damaged and his left cheek was almost the size of a second head.

The previously disfigured face of Mike Koech, 35 years old.

Doctors in Kenya and India all gave up on Mr. Koech’s case, hospitals refused to treat him and informed him that he would not live much longer. Indeed, the tumor kept growing faster and threatened to take Koech’s life at any time.

However, a miracle happened to the poor man. Just when Mr. Koech and his family gave up hope and thought he would die, a Spanish doctor appeared and saved his life. .

After being treated by Dr. Cavadas, Mr. Koech now has a completely new face.

That kind-hearted doctor is Mr. Pedro Cavadas. It is known that Dr. Cavadas heard about Mr. Koech’s case through the Red Cross. Immediately after that, he immediately tried to take Mr. Koech to Manises Hospital in Valencia, Spain, where he was working.

Although Mr. Koech’s illness was very serious and the surgery brought many risks and high costs, however, with the kind heart of a physician, Dr. Cavadas tried every way to save the patient. mine.

Doctor Pedro Cavadas, a respected benefactor, saved Mr. Koech’s life and completely changed his life.

He said: “Operating to remove Mike’s tumor is very difficult and dangerous, but as long as I can help him avoid death, I will do everything in my power. I consider Mike a friend. I have promised him that, if I couldn’t control the tumor and if the worst case scenario happened, I would take care of Mike’s family for him.”

After 4 surgeries spanning from 2011, 2013 and 2015, finally, last May, Mr. Koech had the tumor completely removed and got a new face. He has now returned to Kenya to continue working as a motorbike taxi driver and take care of his family.

Kindness is a real miracle in this world.

Recently, Mr. Koech’s family just welcomed a new member, a lovely daughter named Carmen. This is the name that Dr. Cavadas gave the girl when requested by Mike, and it is also the name of his late mother.

As for Mike Koech, he said he will never be able to fully repay Dr. Cavadas’ great heart, he can only follow his benefactor’s example, live well with everyone and spread kindness. to the people around.



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