Determined Adebayo Backs Butler’s NBA Finals Promise

Bam says Miami Heat can win the title in 2024.
Bam Adebayo Doubles Down On Jimmy Butler's NBA Finals Promise - Fadeaway  World

During an interview with reporters this weekend, Heat star Bam Adebayo was asked to respond to Jimmy Butler’s promise of winning the title this season. Even after their Finals defeat in 2023, Bam agrees with his co-star that the Heat are on track to raise the Larry O’Brien trophy.

“Of course, I would co-sign that,” said Bam. “It would be dumb not to. What we did in the last four years, with people saying ‘That duo can’t get it done,’ ‘The duo is not this,’ ‘They’re not entertaining,’ whatever the case may be. We win at the end of the day. Y’all might not like it, we don’t care. We win. You give us a 3% chance and we constantly break those barriers every time. When one door closes, we just run straight through.”

The Heat took the basketball world by storm last season after making the Finals despite ranking 8th in the standings. After an up-and-down performance all year, the Heat came together at the perfect time and it fueled a playoff run that nobody saw coming. But after losing out on Damian Lillard, and other top prizes this summer, there is a sense that Miami lost some ground in the East arms race and their path to a title just got a whole lot harder.

The Odds Are Stacked Against Miami
“We Love Wholesome NBA Moments”: Bam Adebayo's Heartwarming Gesture for  Mother Drops Fans to the Floor in Awe - EssentiallySports

This summer, the Heat saw the departure of several key role-players, namely point guard sharpshooter Gabe Vincent and bench scorer Max Strus, who had a number of explosive performances for the Heat last season. Without these players in the rotation, the Heat will have to lean more on their younger assets to pull the weight and it could disrupt some of their chemistry early on.

These issues were supposed to be minimized with the Damian Lillard trade, by GM Pat Riley let his biggest Eastern rivals get him instead, just like they sat back and watched as the Celtics traded up for NBA champion Jrue Holiday. With just Jimmy, Bam, and Tyler Herro, the chances for success are lower for the Heat than they’ve been in years but that isn’t going to stop them from going all-out on their quest for a title.
How Jimmy Butler became a great teammate and leader on the Miami Heat -

What’s Next For The Miami Heat?

With Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounnmpo off the table for now, the future grows more unstable by the day for Miami. Heading into his 13th season, Jimmy Butler hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down but he turned 34 last month and the window will not stay open forever. With Jimmy, Adebayo, and Erik Spoelstra, this team will be working hard to stay competitive and nobody should count them out, but they will always be behind the others unless they bring in some more additional star power.
The Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler are on the verge of glory - Axios Miami

Depending on how Herro performs, he could be the one who gets moved in exchange for a bigger, more established name but no trades are imminent right now. Instead, over the next few weeks and months, this team will be quietly evaluating their roster as they make decisions for the future. Either way, it all starts and ends with Jimmy Butler, and they will only go as far as he takes them.
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