Explore Luis Diaz’s opulent English mansion and see his miraculous journey from dream to reality.

Foto: ‘El Futbolero’


Foto: ‘El Futbolero’

He would be delighted to work. Moreover, he runs behind when they have the ball. When Sterling overcomes Robertson, he also helps Robertson. “That’s exactly what Klopp wants out of his players,” he said during the “Match of the Day” show.

Millionaire people arranged for “Lucho” to move to Liverpool. Recall that the “reds” became one of the most significant acquisitions in the history of national football after paying almost 45 million euros for their pass. Moreover, “Fichajes.com” asserts that the guajiro’s yearly salary is about 3.8 million euros, without including variable pay.

In addition, new details on Diaz’s life in England have emerged in the past few hours. The Colombian resides in the affluent Mathew Street section of the city, where his property is valued at over 5.5 million euros. In Colombia, this would be equivalent to almost 22 billion pesos.

Breaking: The father of Liverpool youngster Luis Diaz is still missing, but his mother has been freed from a Colombian kidnapping by gunmen riding motorcycles. | Online Daily Mail

The fact that a number of coworkers, including Brazilian Alisson Becker and Senegalese midfielder Sadio Mane, live there adds even more versatility to the “Lucho” account.

Luis Fernando Díaz on X: "Family️ https://t.co/C8ZcudXJou" / X

According to the specialized page “Metro Cuadrado,” the Colombian attacker’s house supposedly has six rooms, a video game area, a terrace with a grill, a large garden, large windows, and luxurious furnishings. In a similar vein, homes here stand out due to having some of the greatest views in the city.

A well-known travel attraction for tourists from all over the world is the Mathew Street district. For example, there is a festival there called after the renowned Liverpool band “The Beatles” each August.

Cavern Club is one of the most well-known retail complexes in the area. According to the magazine “Buen Viaje,” it is located on Mathew Street and has a variety of boutiques, including those that offer official Beatkes items and discount merchants. Additionally, the magazine featured websites with a high volume of foot traffic.

Manchester United and Liverpool will make up ground on the Premier League schedule. The Premier League match between the two teams—considered the most important in English football—is set for this Tuesday, the 30th, at 2:00 p.m. An additional layer of intrigue to the match at Anfield Stadium is that Luis Díaz will be playing in his first “derby” in England.

BREAKING NEWS: The mother of Liverpool star Luis Diaz 'has been rescued from a kidnapping in Colombia by assailants on motorcycles' - but the player's father is still missing | Daily Mail Online

The match versus Manchester United will be important because, should Liverpool win, the leader would seize the lead in the English championship. At least until Brighton Albion, Manchester City’s scheduled fixture later that day.

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The Red Devils need to win in the interim to even the score with Tottenham Hotspur and heighten the rivalry for automatic UEFA Champions League spots for the next season.

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