Fabrizio Romano spoke directly about Chelsea’s problem

Commenting on Chelsea’s current situation, journalist Fabrizio Romano said:

“Yesterday was not a good day for  Chelsea , as Wolves came from behind and won unexpectedly 4-2 at Stamford Bridge. Cole Palmer scored to give the Blues a good start, but after that everything changed. collapse… So what is happening with Mauricio Pochettino ‘s team ?

Thiago Silva's wife calls on Chelsea to fire Mauricio Pochettino - Football

 The Blues are currently very unstable. 

“The truth is, it seems too long to discuss – there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. Personally, I still think Chelsea need more experienced players, not just young players. They have signed along with some top talent for the future, but also some experienced players who will really help the team in difficult times, which is important.”

“Pochettino also made the interesting decision to leave Mykhaylo Mudryk on the bench. I will always use Mudryk, because I believe he has huge potential, but I don’t coach the team every day like Pochettino. So I I think we have to respect this decision and wait to see if the situation can change.” 

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