Giroud, Walcott, and Flamini receive applause from the crowd as they attend Arsenal’s victory over Liverpool with their families. ‎

Arsenal defeated Premier League leaders Liverpool in front of a packed Emirates Stadium on Sunday afternoon, with the raucous atmosphere undoubtedly playing a part in the eventual result.

Among those cheering Mikel Arteta’s team on were former Arsenal players Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, and Mathieu Flamini, who posted a group picture of their visit.



Now an AC Milan player, Giroud has courted some controversy with Arsenal fans since leaving north London, given his spell as a Chelsea player.

But the former Gunners striker could be seen clutching an Arsenal scarf on this occasion, making his allegiances clear.

Fans are extremely excited to see their beloved players return to the Emirates:

One person said: “Once a gunner always a gunner”

The second fan expressed: “We know our legends!! Not van Persie”

Another one comment: “We don’t disappoint our legends when ever they come to watch us like other teams do”





There’s never been much debate over Walcott’s love for Arsenal, with the former winger admitting he felt he “couldn’t win” after scoring against his old club last season.

Walcott refused to celebrate the goal, despite encouragement from his teammates, respecting the club for whom he made almost 400 appearances.

Walcott (108) sits a few goals ahead of Giroud (105) in Arsenal’s all-time top scorer charts, at joint-15th and 18th respectively.

Regarding Flamini, the 39-year-old has garnered more media attention recently than anything else, yet despite some erroneous media stories, he is by no means a billionaire.

But it’s obvious that the midfield player still harbors strong feelings of nostalgia for his time at Arsenal.

Last year, Flamini suggested he had formed a “wolf pack” with Cesc Fabregas, Alexander Hleb, and Tomas Rosicky, saying the quartet were “super close, both on and off the pitch”.

Flamini also played 70+ games alongside Giroud and Walcott, so Sunday will have made for a happy reunion.

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