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Topic: images of children with hydrocephalus: Images of children with hydrocephalus play an important role in determining the exact location of this disease. With the support of x-ray and ultrasound technology, we can observe and analyze three-dimensional images of the brain, helping to diagnose and treat diseases effectively. Using images to capture information about the role and cause of hydrocephalus will create trust and hope for users searching on Google Search.

Children with hydrocephalus may have some of the following characteristics: 1. Head size is larger than normal: Children with hydrocephalus often have a larger head size than normal children of the same age. This may be caused by the accumulation of cerebral fluid in the ventricles. 2. Ventricular fluid: Children with hydrocephalus often have ventricular fluid accumulating in the brain caused by pathogenic bacteria. Ultrasound images and brain X-rays can often show images of ventricular fluid. 3. Enlarged and swollen ventricles: Imaging tests such as ultrasound and X-ray can also show enlarged and swollen ventricles due to abnormal amounts of fluid accumulating in them. This image can also help determine the specific location of hydrocephalus. These are common features often seen in photos of children with hydrocephalus. However, to accurately determine and make an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to consult with a medical professional.

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