Is this the right time for Alonso to return to Anfield?


There is a perfect timing in this event. When every football fan around the world was shocked by the news of Klopp’s departure at the end of this season, they immediately realized that Xabi Alonso was proving his talent on the bench. training and ready to return to the old team.

Since taking over Bayer Leverkusen when the team was in the relegation group in October 2022, the former Red Brigade midfielder has revived this worn-out team, breathed new life into it and brought them getting close to qualifying for the Champions League as well as reaching the semi-finals of the Europa League last season. 

Not stopping there, Alonso also affirmed his talent as he helped Leverkusen continue to make incredible progress this season. The Bundesliga has gone through 18 rounds and the home team at BayArena is still undefeated with only dropping 6 points to stagnate at No. 1 on the rankings.

Is this the right time for Alonso to return to Anfield?  - Football

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 Alonso is being highly appreciated when coaching Leverkusen.

Under Alonso’s leadership, Leverkusen is a team with no weaknesses. They scored 50 goals, ranking second in the league behind Bayern Munich with 53 goals, but they have the best defense in the Bundesliga when they only conceded 14 goals. 

In the European arena, Leverkusen is one of the brightest candidates for the Europa League championship this season, alongside Liverpool . Many people feel that there is something very similar between these two clubs, not only because of the style of play, performance and also because of the two coaches. 

Like the case of Jugen Klopp when he came to the Anfield team and helped them become a force in the Premier League and Europe, Alonso has also been doing many extraordinary things with Leverkusen. The journey, not the current position, is what convinces many people that he is the right person for Liverpool. 

Is this the right time for Alonso to return to Anfield?  - Football

 Xabi Alonso had glorious years in a Liverpool shirt.

Bild reported on Friday a long-rumoured release clause in Alonso’s contract with the German club, which would see him leave if he received offers from three of his former clubs. Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

When contacted by the press to ask for clarification on this issue, both Leverkusen’s board of directors and Xabi Alonso were evasive but did not deny it. During the press conference before the match against Borussia Monchenladbach, he praised Klopp for what the German strategist has done with Liverpool, and affirmed that he is still happy with his current club.

That is completely understandable because Leverkusen is a great place for a young coach like him to develop, with modern facilities, support from the board of directors, and the love of shareholders. encouragement and especially the pressure to succeed is not too great.

Is this the right time for Alonso to return to Anfield?  - Football

 Will Alonso replace Klopp this summer?

Although knowing that everything will only be known in the future, specifically this summer, both Liverpool and Alonso will have to consider their choices very carefully. Although there are similarities in working style, Klopp is a strong person while Alonso is calm on the coaching bench. 

It’s hard to say whether this young strategist will be successful at Anfield if he decides to return, but one thing is for sure: Red Brigade fans are really looking forward to that moment. Recruiting Alonso is meaningful in many ways for Liverpool, but is this the right time?

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