LIKE A GOD: Mohamed Salah of Liverpool Starts a Social Media Firestorm with His New Year’s Training Selfie!


This isn’t the only disturbance the star player has made this month.

On his Instagram story, Mo Salah has once again shown off his honest post-workout selfie.

The Liverpool attacker has been maintaining his workout regimen as he gets ready for his country’s match against Tunisia on Friday while on international duty in Egypt.

In the photo, the 26-year-old is shown on his knees, lifeless, on a blue yoga mat encircled by weights.

As the father-of-one peers at his phone to get the best shot, Salah’s well-defined muscles and six pack are the main focal points of the picture.

“In grave danger of becoming a cougar, definitely need to stop following Mo Salah on Instagram,” said one fan.

“When you have a moment, please visit Mo Salah’s Instagram page and check out his story,” tweeted someone another. Greetings, thirsttrap.

“God blеss Mо Salah’s instagram thirst trаpping” is another addition.

This is not the first time that admirers have noticed the standard player this month.

He seemed to be in the spirit of the holidays earlier in November when he posted an old photo of himself holding a coconut and leaning against a palm tree.

Salah flaunted his trim figure with a pair of black shorts embellished with a yellow skull print.

The Egyptian standee cut a relaxed figure as he looked off into the horizon, watching the world go by from any football game.

Sharing the photo on Instagram and Twitter, Salah wrote in Arabic, translating it to mean, “Take a picture of me while I’m not paying attention.”

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