Limitless Courage: A Woman’s Inspiring Triumph Over Adversity, Thriving Without Hands and Knees (Video)


I’m going to live in this point forever.

So I just have to love myself and accept that this is who I am.

My name is Nikki Akkad, among 24 years old.

I don’t know if there’s a specific name for my disability, but I was born without limbs.

I don’t have hands

And then I’m short in stature.

I don’t have knees as well.

When I was born, it was very hard for my family to accept that I was born with a disability, because by that time, when a child was born a disability, it was considered to be a case from the cause.

Growing up without limbs.

It was very difficult, especially when I go out there to meet with other kids people.

They used to stay at me, some kids they laughed at me.

So I faced a lot of challenges which made me realize that I was different, but it warm.

It wasn’t very difficult because my grandmother, she understand me, so she tried by all means to make sure that our home was accessible, our own maybe when I was 1516, that’s when I felt different, because you know the society, they have their own standards of beauty.

Good, when someone is beautiful, that person has to be this tall.

Those person is to have this kind of body, and for me, I realized that I couldn’t fit in that standard of beauty.

I didn’t love myself anymore, cause I thought I’m different people.

They just stay at me.

But now I realized that when people stay at me, I have to give them something to look at.

So I just don’t care, I just do my own thing.

People still have that negative mind towards disability.

I really

I didn’t like faced a lot of challenges, learning to do activities, because some of the things they combination- for example writing, eating It- just came.


She’s got such a big personality.

She’s someone who is very loving.

When I look at some of the things that she’s been through, I think I wouldn’t have been able to go through half of the things that she went through and still have a positive attitude and mentality towards life.

I think the huge shift came when I went to university, because when I went to university I had a boy, a chance for me to just reflect on my life, reflecting on who I was.

Alas, good, I have to be kind to myself.

I have to love my body, because if I don’t love my food, who is going to love me?

And I realized that this is the body that God gave me and I’m going to live in this body forever.

So I just have to love myself and accept that this is who I am.

On social media, I have quite a huge following.

People became interested in my life and I could find that for me, just posting maybe a picture of me standing in front of my house.

People were very interested to.

People became interesting that the simple ways like my day-to-day life.

You can’t get interested in that.

So I just started posting

And I got a lot of messages from people saying that you are really inspired.

And then that’s when I decided that no, I need to start a blog.

So I said that let me start life of a short go.

So that’s why I just talked about my life- the nicest thing that I’ve ever heard from someone.

When a lady came to me and she hugged me, she said: you have given me hope in life.

I’m not going to give up anymore her future.

I think it’s just beginning, because when I start looking at where she started and which is going, I think it’s just brighter and brighter.

Her future is going to be mind-blowing in my own words, and I think she’s going to achieve not more than just what people expect from her, but more than she even imagines that she’ll actually obtain in her own life all the challenges that I faced, I never thought I’d be where I am today.

So I want to say to people: and have that positive mind, have that positive action and live your life positively.

Live your life with to the highest peak.

The sky is not the limit.

You can fly high you.


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