Little dog with a broken leg sitting on the side of a London street begging for help is extremely pitiful.

The lame, frightened, and skinny little thing was all alone in the street. Its leg was severely crooked, so it couldn’t walk properly…

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The lame puppy looked pitifully at passers-by

This story happened last week in the English town of Gloucester. A local woman found the frightened dog in the street. Its front leg was crooked and it couldn’t step on it or walk properly. When the woman noticed this, she immediately decided to help the poor dog.

The lame puppy looked pitifully at passers-by

The local shelter, Cotswolds Dogs & Cats, determined that the owners probably just threw the doggie out into the street. The damage to the paw was serious and congenital, and perhaps the owners were afraid of liability and decided to get rid of the puppy this way. Employees determined that the Cocker Spaniel was only eight weeks old.

The lame puppy looked pitifully at passers-by

Tiny was given the nickname Winnie and has begun the path to recovery from the harsh streets. Unfortunately, the vets predict that the doggie’s leg will have to be removed in the future so that walking won’t cause it so much discomfort. But in the meantime, Winnie is receiving physiotherapy and other treatments to keep it healthy.

The lame puppy looked pitifully at passers-by

Winnie is currently in the care of caring guardians, and funds are being raised for its treatment and upkeep. It will take three months to find a home for it, once the problem with its ailing paw is resolved. This little one is full of energy and is very grateful to its guardians for their care. Despite its special features, it runs and plays a lot, charging everyone around it with positive energy. Be happy, Winnie!

The lame puppy looked pitifully at passers-by

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