Max Blind, happy 16th birthday! No one is wishing me a happy birthday or showing up, so I’m celebrating my birthday alone. ‎


Birthdays are meant to be filled with happiness and love, surrounded by loved ones who make the day special. Unfortunately for Max, his sixteenth birthday turned out to be quite the opposite. Instead of laughter and celebration, he found himself alone, without anyone to share in the joy and warmth of his special day.
Max, a young individual with dreams and aspirations, had eagerly awaited his milestone sixteenth birthday. He had envisioned a day full of fun and excitement, surrounded by his closest friends, creating memories that would last a lifetime. But life had different plans for him, leading him to celebrate in solitude.
As the clock struck midnight, officially marking the beginning of his birthday, Max sat alone in a dimly lit room, contemplating the bitter reality of the situation. He had prepared a small cake, adorned with candles, hoping to blow them out in the presence of loved ones. However, fate had a different idea, and there was nobody there to witness this simple yet heartfelt gesture.
As the hours ticked by, Max held onto the hope that someone would surprise him with a last-minute visit or send a heartfelt message to brighten his day. However, as the day unfolded, his phone remained silent, and no visitors appeared at his doorstep.

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