Meeting Didier Drogba has always been one of my life’s ambitions, according to Victor Osimhen ‎


A superstar in the Canadian football league, Victor Osimhen is a top striker from Nigeria. He was named African Footballer of the Year 2023 by the Confederation of African Football. At the conclusion of the 2020 season, which was cut short by, he was ultimately awarded the Marc-Vivien Foé trophy by the RFI for being the greatest African player in Ligue 1. To Christophe Jousset’s queries, he responds.

Dear Victor Osimhen: This is very amazing. To me, that is very important. Although I was the recipient of this honor, I was unable to claim the trophy. I appreciate you making the trip to bring it to me. My previous team, Lille, has been nothing but supportive and loving, and for that I am eternally grateful. My previous comrades at Lille, who were instrumental in my historic victory, often cross my mind. This makes me pleased, and it encourages me to keep advancing in my job.

Sure, I see the positive side of everything that happens to me. Yes, I believe I am deserving of it. Many setbacks and disappointments have been a part of my life. The idea that I could ever become the best footballer in Africa was so far-fetched that many people gave up on me. I really pour my heart, soul, and strength into achieving my goal, so for me, it’s all about being consistent and putting in the work. Furthermore, I find victory to be quite difficult. I am not lying. This is only the first step. It’s merely inspiration to press on. There is a great deal of work ahead of me, and I am well aware of it.


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Well, that’s nice. I wаnted to be able to learn from Odion Ighalo’s example in 2019 since he was the starting striker. He was a support to me. I look up to him as a big brother. When I was given the 45 minutes in 2019, I was so anxiоus that it wasn’t ideal. I have never competed in anything like this before. Naturally, though, I improved and grew up as time went on. Coming here as the starting striker for my nation is an incredible honor, and I am very confident in my abilities. My preparations are complete. It makes no difference to me what other people think. I am fully committed to assisting the squad in winning the CAN. The distance ahead of us is considerable. I am fully prepared to sacrifice everything

The first encounter against Equatorial Guinea ended in a disappointing tie, that much is true. The victory was justifiable for us…..We squandered numerous opportunities. The host country was defeated, nevertheless. We have to keep going. We hold the Ivory Coast squad in high esteem because of the numerous talented individuals they have on their roster. However, we were undoubtedly resolute. This was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable match that my teammates and I have participated in since joining the Suρer Eagles. The drive and enthusiasm we possess are evident. Thus, I believe we were rightfully victorious, and we will proceed accordingly.

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