Mohamed Salah returns, Liverpool’s doping dose before the ‘final’

Mohamed Salah returning to the field couldn’t be happier news for Liverpool fans. After a period of absence due to injury, the Anfield team’s brightest star just returned in a victory over Sparta in the Europa League . Only appearing in the second half of the second half, but that was more than enough to create motivation and confidence for Liverpool before the “final” of the season.

Mohamed Salah returns, Liverpool's doping dose is on the horizon

Salah returned after a long period of recovery.

In recent days, all information in the media has focused on the epic match between Liverpool and Manchester City, the two top teams of the Premier League. This waiting and suspense is placed in parallel with Mo Salah ‘s every move on the training field. Everyone held their breath, waiting and then burst into tears with the image of Salah returning to the field. Man City welcomed Kevin De Bruyne back after a break during the first half of the season, now a similar move from “number 10” The Kop. 

Before entering the big battle with Manchester City, Salah brought hope and excitement to the fans, and at the same time worry to the opponent, where Pep Guardiola had to solve an extremely difficult problem: blocking Salah. at Anfield!

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With his speed, technique and determination in scoring, Salah was one of the most feared players on the field before his injury. Resonating with his ability to create, create and lead the play, his return not only solves the problem of goal output, but also affects the way Liverpool’s tactics operate.

Mohamed Salah returns, Liverpool's doping dose is on the horizon

Salah was introduced into the field in the 74th minute in the match against Sparta in the Europa League.

Salah’s confidence will spread to his teammates, helping them kick harder. This is important, because Liverpool needs a fulcrum to become stronger and more confident when facing Manchester City, the team that is considered the strongest in the world at this time. In addition, after this great battle, Jurgen Klopp’s team will move on to the sprint stage of the season, a time when bravery and class play a decisive role, so Salah is a particularly needed catalyst. set

In the eyes of Liverpool fans, Salah is not only an excellent player but also their symbol, source of inspiration and pride. And before the big battle with Manchester City, the hope and faith of Liverpool fans is focused on the role of Salah, a truly great player, the next symbol at Anfield after Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard, or Robbie. Fowler.

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