Nature’s Marvel: Witnessing the Astonishing Metamorphosis of a 15-Year-Old Boy into Tree Leaves(VIDEO)

This is why we must not judge people, since we can never tell what they have been through.

Today we bring you a story of two boys who people say that they are slowly turning into trees.

He is called Abraham.

He says that he found himself this way, which means that this is how he was born.

This is his elder brother.

He is big now and he has a family of his own.

They never got treatment at all because their mother died when they were still young.

Their father is always drunk and having affairs with other women, which means that he hardly helps their father cared less about these children.

He never wanted to talk about their treatment, and when his big brother got married, they started living on their own.

Abraham also left his father’s house at a young age and started living with his brother.

Well, he goes to a certain local school in the society, but they call him annoying and embarrassing names like crocodile, tree, frog and a lot more.

His brother advises him to ignore all that they keep saying about him, because they surely cannot change anything about it.

It was weird, and he later learned how to live with it, because this was the only option he heard.

Their mother later got pregnant again and gave birth to Abraham.

His condition was now worse.

Now they were on their own at their home.

It is unbelievable, but these children had to find food for themselves.

They lived like this for a very long time until he finally grew up and started thinking about being independent and living on his own.

He had to find a wife so as to get married, but this was not as easy as it sounds.

Obviously, no girl ever wanted to talk to him because of the way he appeared.

They all rejected him at first sight, and finding one that accepted him for who he is was something that wasn’t simple at all.

He finally found a girl that loved him despite his skin disorder, and that is how he managed to leave his father’s house and decided to go and start a life on his own.

Abraham now started going to school.

This life has not been easy at all for him because a lot of children isolate him from their friends.

They hardly talk to him, play or anything of that sort.

This is because they fear him because of the way he looks.

We visited his school and talked to his teacher.

He says that it’s true that a lot of children do not want to talk to him because of the way he looks.

However much this teacher tries to talk to their class and tells them that this is not how Abraham chose to be born, he encourages the children to play and talk to him, just like they do with other normal kids, because Abraham is a humble and intelligent young boy.

When he is ignored, it makes him feel like he hates school, but this teacher promises that it may take a while, but they will surely get used.


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