Perfectly Preserved Hair of 2,000-Year-Old Pompeii Mummy


Sửng sốt với hài cốt 2.000 năm tuổi còn nguyên vẹn tóc - 1

Archaeologists say this is “one of the best preserved remains ever found in this ancient city”. They added that this was also unusual because deceased adults were often cremated in Roman times. During that period, only children were buried after death.

Researchers are working to learn more about the man in the grave, but initially they identified this man as Marcus Venerius Secundio, who died at 60 years old and was quite wealthy. He was originally a slave who tended the Temple of Venus but struggled to be freed, and then achieved a certain social and economic status.

It is known that researchers discovered that the name of Marcus Venerius Secundio was also in the wax tablet archive of banker Cecilius Giocondus, whose apartment was left almost intact in the Via Vesuvio area, Pompeii. Besides, the massive size of the tomb and the newly discovered inscription at the tomb prove the wealthy status of the owner.

The inscription on the inscription states that after freedom, Marcus Venerius Secundio’s job in the city was to organize performances in Greek, not Latin, something that surprised the researchers. . Director of the Pompeii Archaeological Park, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, said: “The Greek performances held are evidence of the lively and open cultural atmosphere of ancient Pompeii.”

The archaeological team is also finding out why Marcus Venerius Secundio’s hair and part of his ear are still intact. They said that there were signs that this character had been mummified. Along with that, the characteristics of the burial site, including a closed room, created conditions that allowed it to be preserved in better condition.

Professor Llorenc Alapont from the University of Valencia, said: “We still need to understand whether the mummification of the deceased was intentional or not. Analyzes of the fabric found here could provide provide additional information, as there are several types of textiles that are commonly used for embalming”. The remains of remains and organic matter found in the grave site were transported to a laboratory for further study.

Sửng sốt với hài cốt 2.000 năm tuổi còn nguyên vẹn tóc - 2

What happened to Pompeii?

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 obliterated Pompeii, leaving much of the city buried in ash. Mount Vesuvius, located on the southwest coast of Italy, is the only active volcano in mainland Europe and is about 15 km from Pompeii. Vesuvius is said to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Documented records show that the eruption of Vesuvius created pyroclastic clouds. This is a mixture of hot toxic gases and volcanic material formed when eruptive columns collapse, releasing volcanic ash that spreads to surrounding areas at extremely high speeds. Pyroclastic flows can plunge at speeds of up to 700 km/h and reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius, and this is the reason why the entire population of Pompeii was buried so quickly after the volcano erupted.Sửng sốt với hài cốt 2.000 năm tuổi còn nguyên vẹn tóc - 3

The famous Roman poet of his time, Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus (better known as Pliny the Younger) watched the disaster unfold from afar and letters describing what he saw were found in the 19th century. 16th century. “A column of smoke like a pine tree rose from the volcano and quickly made the towns around it black as night,” notes Pliny the Younger. That was when pyroclastic clouds fell on Pompeii, forever burying this ancient city.

According to researchers, about 2,000 people died at Pompeii. People have only discovered more than 1,000 bodies since this site began to be excavated in the mid-19th century. Due to the terrifying speed of death, many bodies were made into plaster mummies, with Their shape was exactly the same as when they were buried.

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