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A dog born with some kind of deformation is not that rare of an occurrence. These puppies all want the same things others do, and that is to enjoy their life with someone they love the most.

However, what baffles me is just how cruel people can be to these dogs, and treat them as lesser because of their health problems.

They feel the same things all other pups feel, but yet they can’t help how people perceive them. It’s just tragic and sad. It’s something that needs to change.

The dog we will be talking about in this story didn’t have front legs and was cruelly abandoned by his previous owners in the worst conditions possible.

Source: Animal Rescue

When rescuers were notified about a puppy without front legs who was dumped in a pile of trash, they rushed to help.

They were horrified to hear that an innocent pup was treated this way. He couldn’t even help himself. The only possible outcome for him without help was starvation.

Luckily, someone noticed his misfortune and decided to intervene. When the rescuers came to his aid, they were just in disbelief as to who could have done this to this helpless puppy.

However, that didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was to get him out of that horrible place and somewhere safe.

Source: Animal Rescue

He was placed in a car and taken to a shelter where the rescuers fed him and then he took a nice, long nap.

The puppy, now named Tommy, knew that he had met the right people when they came to his aid.

A few days later, it was time to take him to a foster home where someone could watch him constantly and provide him with anything he needed.

However, he still needed to go to a vet for some tests to see how they could help him with walking.

Source: Animal Rescue

They ran some tests and found that Tommy might actually be able to use prosthetics that could help him move normally again.

This was amazing news, and it meant big progress for him, as he would be able to do all the things other dogs can do.

Blood tests revealed a few health problems, but nothing serious that couldn’t be cured.

He received his vaccinations as well, and he went frequently to a vet for routine checkups to see how he was doing.

Days had gone by with his new foster parent and he was improving remarkably. His appetite had grown – he loved to eat all the time.

Source: Animal Rescue

He also had a dog sibling whom he loved spending time with. He would make Tommy normal and accepted. It was just beautiful to see their bond.

Several months later, Tommy became a completely changed dog. He didn’t let his obstacles get in the way, and he is making the most of his life.

It was now time for him to take his new wheelchair prosthetics and learn how to use them. While he is still a bit confused, they will help him move easier with time.

Luckily, for him, he has wonderful people watching over him on his journey to recovery, and I have no doubt that everything will turn out okay for Tommy as he is a very special dog.

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