Resilient Spirit: Navigating Life’s Challenges in a Heartwarming Tale of Survival (Video)

Lucky safe, has been going through a hell of life.

He reached the life stage where no one believed he’s still alive.

The mother lost hope that she thought of giving up on her own son.

Neighbors and friends never gave a lift to this rotting sun.

The single mother sold each and everything she had so as to save this boy, but it wasn’t enough.

She thinks this might be her last hope.

Meet this struggling family.

We all go through struggles in life.

It’s inevitable think of how unsatisfying life would be without challenges.

We would never grow and learn without going through hard times.

We would simply walk around feeling stagnant and bored obstacles.

Keep us on toes, encourage us to change and continue to break through barriers and not fail into trap of comfort and complacency.

Just because time seem tough now does not mean they will remain this way for long.

Just keep your eyes towards the sun and you’ll eventually find that shadows disappear behind you.

My child was not born with this sickness.

He was born normal, strong and healthy.

But by when he joined primary too, he had by then six years then suffered this condition.

It began when we were eating meat.

He had chick.

Biting from there resulted chick swelling.

When i checked, i saw he bled from the inside, but then it wasn’t a big deal.

The chick kept on swelling until i decided to take him to hospitals.

By then it had become worse, very, very worse, that no one believed he would make it.

Whoever saw him thought of something very bad soon to happen- death.

Even up to now they think he did not make it.

I kept visiting several hospitals, both private and public hospitals, all not treating my boy, and some days i would run out of money and hold his medical appointment.

I kept circulating in different hospitals without getting treatment until the chick bastard.

Oh, i thought my boy was dead and everyone around had in mind that he’s gone.

No one thought that he’s alive.

Transporting him to the hospital was very difficult.

He had to go on a motorbike, yet he could not even wear the helmet because of the czech swelling.

Time came and i stopped my day-to-day business activities so as to take care of my child without any destruction.

In few days i had run out of budget, yet i needed transport money, paying the medical bill and many more.

That needed a lot of money.

I used to sell clothes.

I decided to sell the whole shop at once for a low price.

I had no any other choice.

Everyone who saw my child by then was scared.

They could see his body part falling apart.

However, i could ask for a ride would not risk his life riding me.

They will stop by trying to give me a lift, but seeing my dang son, they’ll change their minds and then say: we can’t watch your son die from our vehicle.

Only a few brave and kind people could give me a lift.

Time came and the child met the doctor, but, trust me, by then this condition was worse than anything else i’ve ever seen.

He really went through hell and came back.

From pictures.

You can see some of his body parts would come from the mouth to the cheek.

Then letter blocked the mouth that he could no longer manage to eat.

He could eat via a feeding pump.

Later that pun could not work anymore.

There is milk that we are told to give him, but this too was not effective.

He could spend the days depending on serum.

My boy vowed that he will never ever eat meat again in his entire life.

Whenever he recovers, he only can eat two things: fruits and vegetables.

The rest he cannot dare even give a try.

There is this day when i was given the appointment.

When i reached there, doctors told me that they only wanted to see how the child was doing and told me to go home.

They looked at my son then said: go home, but i’m sorry here i overreacted.

My son was rotting and body parts were even falling down.

How dare do doctors say like that, i asked?

Later they cut one of the little parts that was hanging on the cheek, but this was not a good idea.

The chick swelled than ever before and tracing where he passed was so easy that even a one-year-old who traces movement you could only follow his body part.

That fell up to where we were.

It was a difficult and challenging life that i almost lost hope and thought of running away from my own baby, but that parenting heart would never let me do such.

I could never give up on my child, but did my best and cared for him.

Doctors found out that my child had cancer.

Due to the way i usually have heart attack, i just fell down there and went in coma for a week.

My child was still in the hospital and i was also in coma at the same hospital.

Days passed and i came back to normal, but with side effects of forgetting different things.

I had to buy medicine for my child according to the medical prescription.

The medicine required was not found in the country.

I had to go to the neighboring countries and of course buying cancer medicine was not affordable.

The cost was very high and in few days i ran out of money.

But different good samaritans formed groups and would be by my side and offer some help.

There is one mother who’d remain as a caretaker to the child while i was away.

I thank her so much for his continuous effort towards helping people.

She took care of my child by when i had gone in those countries.

I don’t have Heaven, but if i had, i’d give it to her.

Her dedication to helping and taking care of my son while i was away was priceless because there was no one else to do so.

Since i’m a single mother, i wish her so much blessings from above.

Once i had gone to Uganda for medicine, i traveled by bus.

Then we had a terrible accident that everyone on board apart from me died, but luckily i came out without a single bruise or wound on my body.

Today i’m so thankful that i went against all odds then survived the impossible accident.

There are trials and temptations and i know everyone is suffering, but to a child it’s a burden so hard to bear as a parent.

I would ask God what i had done to receive such punishment and combining what was happening to my son plus the heart attack i have sometimes, i would be on the street then feigned.

My boy’s cheek, was sterilized.

After some month there was a tumor that developed in the cheek and this time he had to be operated, and the bill was 18 000 Us dollars.



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