Rising Star: Nigerian Teen Earns Scholarship Abroad, Constructs Stunning Clay Replica of Borno Flyover Bridge(Video)

A 13-year-old Nigerian boy, who built the Borno flyover bridge replica has earned himself a scholarship to study Civil Engineering at a US university.

The creative teenager identified as Musa Sanni became a sensation in 2021 after building the replica of a flyover bridge in Borno, North-East, Nigeria, with the use of clay soil.

News of Musa’s scholarship award to study in any university in the US was shared by a Nigerian man, Omasoro Ovie, who first shared Musa’s story.

Ovie revealed the scholarship includes an offer from the sponsors to employ Musa’s Father.

The sponsors also promised to fund his mum’s business with N1M and help his siblings through school.

In the post, Ovie said;

“Ronchess Global Resources will employ Musa Sani’s father also and give the mother N1m to start a business while getting the family a new apartment. The boy’s siblings will all be put through school by the firm, and Musa will be given a university scholarship to the USA.”

Meanwhile, following his invention, the Borno State governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum awarded Musa a N5 million scholarship to sponsor his secondary school education.

Governor Zulum revealed that a cheque of N5 million which was already paid to a private school in Borno was presented to Musa by the State’s Education Trust Fund (ETF) Chairman.

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