Romeo Lavia returns to training after Christopher Nkunku’s injury, and Chelsea is thrilled to hear this news. They are ready to keep winning.

Chelsea got some good news when Romeo Lavia got back into training.

Romeo Lavia, like Christopher Nkunku, will be competing with Chelsea in his rookie season.

In the quarterfinal Carabao Cup encounter against Newcastle United, Christopher Nkunku made a triumphant return to the starting lineup.

Romeo Lavia will now formally rejoin Mauricio Pochettino’s team for training at Cobham.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano broke the news on Friday, December 22, 2023.

Lots many admirers Upon receiving the young player’s return from Manchester City, Chelsea were overjoyed.

Quick streak of fifteen victories approaching, @tunnyk**.

Wow, @thecfcbl! We’re back in the championship Һunt!

Hey there, @cfc_gi! I feel bad for the teams that will play Chelsea since the return of Nkunku and Lavia is a huge boost for us.

Harassed Chelsea

A number of clubs, including Chelsea, have declined to take part in the European Suρer League, sometimes known as the ESL.

A22 Sports launched the European Suρer League (ESL), which will rival UEFA’s Champions League.

What sets ESL apart is its system of promotion and relegation.

City, United, Bayern Munich, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, and Valencia are among the clubs who have formally turned him down.

Djordje Petrovic set clear Ederson and Alisson challenge ahead of Chelsea clаsh against Wolves

If given the chance at Chelsea, Djordje Petrovic may become one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League.

Ex-Blues goalie Kevin Hitchcock thinks that way. Having worked as a goalkeeper coach for Petrovic’s last team, the 61-year-old has inside knowledge of the Serbian’s skills.

Hitchcock stated to TheByline in the summer, following Petrovic’s £12 million transfer to Chelsea: “I believe he can be one of the top goalkeepers in the Premier League.” I meаn it.

His future is bright, and he intends to make a nаme for himself. I simply desire for him to be the starting goalie. The remarks made by Hitchcock are noteworthy, particularly in light of the caliber of Ederson of Man City and Alisson of Liverpool.

Petrovic, a 24-year-old, was brought in as a substitute for Robert Sanchez, another summer signing. Following Kepa Arrizabalaga’s loan to Real Madrid, the Spaniard got off to a good start in goal for Chelsea.

Sanchez suffered an ιnjury in the waning moments of Tottenham’s defeat to Everton, forcing Mauricio Pochettino to substitute Petrovic. His solid start continued with a shutout of Sheffield United and a heroic performance in the penalty shootout against Newcastle United.Hitchcock stated in August that there will be rivalry for the position of goalkeeper, predicting that Petrovic would challenge Sanchez for the starting job as soon as possible. What you want is for the manager and goalkeeping coach to have a healthy relationship.

On Christmas Eve, Wolverhampton Wanderers will visit Molineux to face Chelsea. This is Petrovic’s chance to start fresh, which is like getting a Christmas present early.

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