Shocked at ticket prices for Klopp’s final match at Anfield


Earlier yesterday afternoon, Coach Klopp surprised most football fans when announcing he would not lead Liverpool after this season ended. Accordingly, the 56-year-old leader feels he no longer has enough energy to lead Liverpool in the future. 

Taking over coaching of The Kop from his predecessor Brendan Rodgers in October 2015, Klopp has helped Liverpool win many different large and small titles, including the 2018/19 Champions League and Premier League championships. 2019/20. 

Liverpool tickets for Jurgen Klopp's last game being sold for £25,000 a pop - Bóng Đá

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 Klopp will no longer lead Liverpool after this season. 

The fact that the captain born in 1967 suddenly announced his departure from the club will certainly shock many Red Brigade fans. Therefore, Klopp’s last match at Anfield this season, according to the current schedule, is the reception of Wolverhampton Wanderers on May 19 in the Premier League, which will be popular with many fans of the Merseyside team. attention. 

However, recent information from The Mirror may make many people worried because this newspaper believes that to own a ticket to watch the above match on black market websites, a fan will have to spend nearly 25,000 pounds. (about 650 million VND).

Normally, a ticket issued on Liverpool’s official homepage will cost about 60 pounds. Thus, if a ticket is sold at an “exorbitant” price as above, these black market websites can earn a profit of about 40,700% compared to normal. 

Meanwhile, tickets for coach Sir Alex Ferguson’s last match at Old Trafford in 2013 were sold for 3,000 pounds/ticket (about 75 million VND).

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