Solely Unique: The Extraordinary Journey of a Man with a Giant-Sized Foot (VIDEO)

Wow, it’s growing, that’s Marsha, on my leg,

It’s getting bigger. Perhaps there are people out there who feel disgusted or what, huh?

Some are afraid of my condition like this.

Long ago, comment: service your eyes, Khair. Back when I was 15 years old, I consulted Patrick Sakral, a doctor in one of the hospitals in my city, and at that time, the doctor said: this tumor disease is getting bigger.


When I was 15 years old, it might have been half the size, half of this.

Confusing messages, Kirno, deceivers, Juve, benefits, conditions, unfurnished eventone, childhood tachs.

Yes, the longer, the bigger.

Up until now, it’s getting bigger.

Paige’s, The Hardest Day Hospital with plates, Khair, hiascom, glue, agent network, Hundai, also received service or have I been able to serve too, HP service to fill or to fill my leisure days. In the evening, I just went to sell, I’ve tried to find other jobs besides there and nothing, no one accepted me as their member.

Lakeisha, eight heads, summoned life, you t-10m, wings, know, my wife knew back then in the village, in my village. Finally, I dared to,

Oh, speaking honestly with their families, the family ijssst.

Aya and finally, those who shared got the blessing from their parents.

If I’m tired, my wife likes to massage me.

She’s really grateful to have a man like him.

Even though you’re like that, he still tries for his family.

I’m really worried, afraid, over time, it’s getting bigger, difficult to walk, and can’t provide for the family anymore.

That’s what I fear.

Khai knows this, maybe there are also people out there who feel disgusted or what,

Who likes looking at my condition like this. Some even laughed at me with their legs, how they tumbled.

There’s Sundanese language: please, I’m sick, yes, only, what is it, hi, bring food for the child, so the pain disappears, it doesn’t feel like that. I really hope.

Is there anyone, hi, help me. Is there anyone who can, uh, help me with my condition like this? I want to get better, but I’m hindered by the cost.

I don’t have the money for treatment, indeed, because he’s a responsible person, with his condition like that, he still tries.

My hope is to build a ship for my family for the future.

I hope for better things.

Yes, I am very grateful.

I am very proud.

My wife’s blistering from having a child.

I am extremely grateful for the presence of this child.

I want Hi Ho.

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