Strength in Singular Strides: U.S. College Wrestling’s Unlikely Champion Overcoming Adversity(VIDEO)

One-legged wrestler wins the American student championship
Despite being born with a disability, Anthony Robles still set a bright example in the American college sports community when he defeated a series of completely healthy opponents to win the gold medal at the American Student Athletics Tournament (NCAA) last weekend.


Robles was at a disadvantage compared to his friends right from the moment he was born. He only has a left leg, and his right leg was congenitally amputated.


In the final of the 56kg upper division of the NCCA tournament on March 17, this disabled wrestler from Arizona defeated defending champion Matt McDonough 7-1 to be crowned.


Before winning the 2011 NCAA tournament, Robles won the freestyle wrestling championship three times at the Western Student Sports Tournament.



The last two times he attended the NCAA, Robles only achieved modest results – reaching the top 10.


At the 2011 NCAA tournament, Robles compensated for his physical disadvantage with his strength and lightning-fast attacks, leaving his opponents unable to react.


“I don’t come into sports to attract attention. I chose freestyle wrestling, simply because I love this sport”, Robles said after his coronation.



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