Supporters implores Bukayo Saka to change after the Arsenal player flashes new hair before of Liverpool’s match, saying “Rashford did the same.”

Arsenal star Bukayo Saka has revealed a new look.

Some Arsenal fans may not immediately recognise Bukayo Saka when he takes to the field against Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday.


The 22-year-old graduate of Hale End Academy chose to get a blonde color job done on top of his hair. A Premier League title fight between top-seeded teams to determine who will be in first place on Christmas Day is a perfect event to introduce a new look.

Saka will undoubtedly want to be feeling sharp on Merseyside, according to Mikel Arteta. The north London club’s most effective offensive weapon and talisman is the winger. The England player has contributed eight goals and twelve assists in 23 appearances across all competitions so far this season.

He will need to be at his best up against the Reds on Saturday. The atmosphere at Anfield will almost certainly be raucous, and Liverpool will be keen to bounce back after their disappointing 0-0 draw against Manchester United last time out in the Premier League.



The hosts’ gameplan will almost certainly include a specific plot designed to stop Saka. The right-winger is getting used to this. Saka has already spoken out publicly about the extra attention he is being afforded by opposition defenders this season.

Plenty of Arsenal fans had their say on Saka’s fresh hairstyle on X. One supporter said, “watch out for Saka at Anfield.”

Second fan compared: ‘Rashford did same and he has been playing nonsense’


Third person continued: “Rashford did same and things didn’t turn out well for him. We beg you Saka”

Another chipped in with, “Anfield ain’t ready for what is coming upon them.”


One fan who was particularly enamoured with the look informed Saka that he was “Looking Handsome.” However, this was not necessarily the universal response, as one supporter simply replied, “Nooo Bukayo.”

If Saka is able to shine against Liverpool and fire Arsenal to victory then there is always the chance that this new hairstyle we be adopted as something of a lucky charm by the more superstitious sections of the fanbase.

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