The mystery of the giant “killer” snake “Half 9 nostrils” is extremely poisonous

Specifically, the external feature and also the most obvious difference between these two species is that python has 2 nostrils and Nua has 9 nostrils, so folk often say it has up to 9 nostrils. (Photo:

The python’s head often crawls close to the ground, while the other half when crawling or rising, the teeth are filled with venom like snakes. At night, the half-breed is panting, exhaling very toxic gas, especially for children.

It has a very bad smell like a dead body for a long time, standing even tens of meters away, you can still recognize it. Nua’s poison is very dangerous. There is information that, in order to cure, there is only a way to make Nua skin as an antidote. However, this information has not been clearly verified.

Nua has 2 long hairs, in which there is a white viscous substance resembling toad latex, which is very toxic. She often sprays poison from these two antennae to kill her prey and defend herself.

It lives in the shade of trees in wet forest areas. Other types of pythons often live in rock holes or burrow for shelter. Blood and honey are not poisonous, but blood and honey are absolutely not eaten. If the person is bitten, if not treated, the wound will swell and become infected.

Eating meat can cause convulsions, arrhythmia, muscle pain, vomiting and severe kidney failure, affecting life. (Photo: Minh Quy/

People who mistakenly eat noodles are often poisoned with symptoms such as high fever, chills, sweating after fever, accompanied by vomiting, headache, dizziness, digestive disorders, liver damage… In severe cases, poisoning can be fatal, people with mild poisoning still have to go to the emergency room and receive long-term treatment. (Photo cut from clip)

In our country, there have been some cases of severe poisoning and death after eating Nua meat. Most recently, a family of 5 in Gia Lai and 7 others were hospitalized for symptoms of vomiting, abdominal pain, and muscle pain from eating this animal. (Photo: IT)

In 2014, 3 father and son in the family in Dak Lak were paralyzed, polyneuritis caused by drinking blood pudding mixed with alcohol, even though they went to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The patient was admitted to the hospital due to eating Nua meat – at Dak Lak General Hospital. (Photo: IT)

In 2013, in Gia Lai province, there was a case where a farmer mistakenly raised a python and a python and was bitten to death.

Or in 2010, at the house of Mr. Nguyen Van Thong (48 years old, residing in village 7, Ia Nhin commune, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai) held a party on the occasion of accidentally buying a more than 10kg python bought from forest people.

There were 23 people joined the party with half meat, half stomach mannequin and half blood mixed with wine. On September 2, 23 people all had high fever, many had seizures and had to be hospitalized. All of them have the same symptoms of muscle pain, sluggishness like something biting on the bone, can’t walk, it takes a long time to heal. Conclusion the above people have eaten half meat.

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