The NBA Season Kicks Off, but JaMychal Green Remains Unattached

With the 2023-24 NBA season underway, JaMychal Green still remains a free agent.

On Tuesday evening, the 2023-24 regular season began, and the Golden State Warriors played their first game against the Phoenix Suns (at home in San Francisco).
How JaMychal Green was ready when Warriors needed him against Lakers

The game was close, but the Suns won 108-104 (without Bradley Beal, who was out due to injury).

Last year, JaMychal Green played a key role off the bench for the Warriors, but they did not bring him back, and he still remains available to be signed by any team in the league on October 26.
Ranking Golden State Warriors from 2022-23 season – JaMychal Green

Considering Green played well, it’s surprising that the Warriors (or any other team in the NBA) have yet to sign him.

Over 57 regular season games (one start), he averaged 6.4 points and 3.6 rebounds per contest while shooting 54.0% from the field and 37.8% from the three-point range.

Green also appeared in seven NBA playoff games (two starts) and had 15 points on 3/6 shooting from the three-point range in Game 2 of the second round against the Los Angeles Lakers.
JaMychal Green says he feels like he's already in the flow for Warriors

In addition to the Warriors, Green has also spent time with the Memphis Grizzlies, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs.

His career averages are 7.7 points and 5.5 rebounds per contest while shooting 47.7% from the field and 36.8% from the three-point range in 544 regular season games (he has also appeared in 56 NBA playoff games).

Since Green is a reliable veteran, he will be a name to watch, as he could be a significant addition to many teams around the league this season.

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