The Unforgettable Encounter: Meeting the Most Bedraggled Dog on Earth


Over the past 28 years, dog owners from all over the world have brought their pets to compete for first prize in the “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest held in the US.

This year, on June 24, at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California, USA, a Chinese Crested hybrid dog named SweePee Rambo owned by Mr. Jason Wurtz won a contest whose main purpose was to demonstrate his inner beauty. The inside of the dog is the most important thing.

SweePee, a blind dog, was crowned champion at this year’s competition.

Swee Pee, who is blind, has a blonde Mohawk and a blue right eye. This little dog weighing 1.8 kilograms has lived with Jason for the past 17 years in Encino, California.

Jason Wurtz was extremely radiant with his rugged friend.

Despite having to wear dog diapers because of her age, SweePee won the top title and took home a trophy worth 1,500 USD (about 33 million VND). Wurtz said that SweePee was originally a gift for his ex-wife, but he got custody of it after they divorced because she thought the dog was too ugly.

Overcoming more than 20 other contestants, SweePee won and took home a prize worth $1,500.

This is not the first time SweePee has participated, Wurtz said he has competed 3 times, but this is the first time SweePee has won the championship. The contestants who won second and third prizes in the competition were also rewarded with money and special titles.

This dog with variegated skin is named Rascal Deux.

Since its inception, the purpose of the contest has been to appreciate ” dogs with rough appearances and the owners who love them very much”.

Erin Post, CEO of the Sonoma-Marin Fair, said before the competition: “ We are proud and honored to celebrate all dogs and pets by showing that no matter how No matter their flaws, they are still adoptable, loved and are a wonderful addition to any family.”

No matter how ugly or ridiculous, every dog ​​deserves to be loved.

This year’s event includes a “Fashion Faux Paws” fashion show and a “Beauty and the Beast” runway performed by Miss Sonoma County with a pack of rescue dogs waiting for adoption at the end of the show.

Karen Spencer, marketing director of the event, said: “The puppies seemed very excited, they received a lot of attention, were cared for, patted and praised for being adorable. Some have unusual teeth, others have weird hairstyles, and there are bulldogs that look stupid just because of their lower teeth, there’s really a lot of variety.  Although this is an “ugly dog” contest, many people say: “It looks so ugly, but it turns out cute.” What really matters is their inner beauty.”

“We have tried our best to prove to the world that dogs with disabilities or deformed features are still adorable and worth raising. They have hidden beauty and are often the ones who have struggled to find owners after living at the dog shelter for a while.”

A member of the jury is smelling the nails of Icky, a contestant participating in this year’s competition.

Most of the participating dogs have been abandoned for a long time because of their ugly appearance.

The judges evaluate the dogs not only on their appearance but also on how they interact with people and their personalities. Last year, Quasi Modo, a dog with a shortened spine from Loxahatchee, Florida, took home the top prize after beating out about 26 other competitors at the competition.

The short-backed dog Quasi Modo took the top spot in 2015.


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