Tottenham competes to buy Serie A phenomenon with Arsenal


Despite successfully recruiting striker Timo Werner from RB Leipzig under a previous loan contract, coach Ange Postecoglou still wants to add more personnel in attack with the goal of winning a place in the Champions group. League next season. 

Therefore, the Rooster is currently paying special attention to Zirkzee , a former Bayern Munich player who is “making waves” in Serie A right now. 

Tottenham to 'compete' with Arsenal for transfer of 7-goal Serie A hitman - Football

 Tottenham wants to supplement the quality of goods with Zirkzee. 

This season, the Dutch star has now appeared a total of 22 times for Bologna in all competitions. The 22-year-old player scored 8 goals and provided 4 assists to help his teammates score. 

His high form helps the former Bayern star to be considered one of the best strikers in Serie A at the moment. Therefore, to get Zirkzee’s signature, Tottenham will have to overcome a series of other giants in Europe, including their city rival Arsenal or another giant in the Premier League , Manchester United . 

However, the possibility of Bologna releasing their key player this January is not high because according to previous updates from journalist Fabrizio Romano, the Renato Dall’Ara team does not face any pressure to sell Zirkzee in the coming months. mid-season period when the current contract between the player born in 2001 and the team still has a term of 2 more years. 

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