Unraveling the Enigma: The Boy with the Ever-Growing Middle Finger

In a certain village there leaves a young boy who has the biggest finger in the world that the bone inside his finger is as long.

Um, he uses only two fingers when lifting something.

This big one is useless and you can see it’s a big problem to him.

I wish they could cut and remove this finger away from my grandson.

According to the grandfather, this finger grows each and every time that it also shows no signs of stopping to grow.

Others say his fingers looks like a tortoise.

A five-year-old, Ivan has the world’s biggest thing a person has ever had.

The grandfather who raised him since he was born, says cutting this finger might be a long-term solution.

Meet Ivan with the biggest finger.

That shocked the world.

This boy is my grandchild.

I have been raising him for many years, since the mother abandoned him a few months after he was born.

He was born with this finger, but by then it was not this big.

But as he grew, this middle finger kept growing and up to now it shows no signs of stopping to grow.

It will continue growing and this is a burden to my boy.

He’s five years old.

He’s called Ivan.

We started worrying so much about him by when he was three years old.

We started taking him to the hospital.

I found the doctors responsible for treating such diseases not available that he had traveled back home for holidays in India.

We were told he would return after six months.

We came back here home, then run out of money and we never went back.

We are worried that Ivan’s finger keeps on growing and of course it’s so painful and heavy for him to lift and the bone in his finger is too big that it’s as big as that arm, according to what scan results showed.

Even when he is making some movement, you can see there is a certain problem he has when moving.

He bends to the other side and you can see from his shoulders that one hand is not straight as the other.

Right after he was born, doctors did not say more about his finger because it was a little bigger but not as big as of today.

Was that it’s a normal disability, just like other disabilities?

You can’t see a five-year-old with such a biggest finger in the world elsewhere.

It’s too big and too heavy for him.

I’m so worried because it keeps growing.

Imagine if he grows up to 10 years, the finger will be have grown as twice as it is today.

I wished doctors would cut it off.

I think that would be a nice idea to solve the problem, and the issue here we are facing is that i have no money to take him to hospitals for the operation.

This would make him relax and feel free for the burden he has been carrying for five years.

This odma says that parents of this boy abandoned their own child and he took the responsibilities of preventing him since age three.

He says that no one knows where the mother went because she did not even bid farewells.

Her mom was the wife to my son.

Think you know today’s marriage.

They had misunderstandings then parted ways.

She left when the boy was too young and since that day i’m the one who has raised the boy and later his dad brought in another wife

And i kept raising him.

I would not let him suffer with the stepmother.

It means i’m the one who is responsible to cover all his needs- eating, dressing, medicine- everything has to be covered under my responsibility, since both parents left him to me.

So in case i get money, i’ll take him to the hospital, because his father has no money too.

But back on, how the mother left doesn’t still make sense, because she woke up one day, packed her things and left.

No one knows the exact reason why she left.

She even went without beating farewells or even telling one where she’s going.

All we assume is that maybe she had some misunderstandings with the husband then decided to go.

What is interesting here is that she left even without going to court for a divorce.

When something like that happens, you really wonder why such a thing happened, and all you ask yourself is why parents choose their own kids to suffer.

Since childhood, all i did was not take so much time thinking why she left the baby, but took the baby and raised him as if i’m the father and mother i do all responsibilities they had to do for him, and growing up without seeing the mother or father around makes him lonely and makes him think that there is someone else who loves him, no matter what parents did to him.

Hey, here is my home

And i make a living through agriculture, though i have no piece of land that is mine.

All i do is rent some pieces of land, then cultivate later harvest, then depend on that.

Of course life is difficult, but no matter how hard life is, have to wake up every morning within an idea of how we have to live.

Amor is thinking the day when i’ll be having money for his treatment, because my grandchild’s life is at stake, but the financial part remains a bigger problem.

If money becomes available, i will request an appointment.

Then take my boy there.

I’m worried that if this finger is not treated, it might result into something else that can danger his life is.

Some people thought and said that this may be a result of some poisons, and others thought of some witchcraft powers.

But i can say that i saw my grandchild ever since he was born.

This is how he was born, although it kept on increasing in size.

There is nothing else behind.

It’s just a rare condition that is making him disabled.

This grandpa insists that having grandson’s finger cut down is the only solution he needs, but he also says that lack of money is also another barrier to his grandson’s treatment.

I wish i would get someone who would help me in getting the medical assistance my grandson needs.

I need the medical treatment support so that we can be able to take him to the hospital and have that finger removed, because if it remains, it will keep on causing other related issues.

The request is to see him without that finger.

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