Unveiling the Unexpected: Fascinating Traits and Habits of Dogs That May Surprise You.

Dogs That Know How to Love

Do Two Dogs Truly Love Each Other? Could Your Park-Strolling Pooch Be Caught in a Love Web? Anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas suggests that dogs can indeed love each other, and she presents evidence of an impressive love story between Sundog and Bean in her book ‘The Social Lives of Dogs.’ Thomas argues that very few dogs develop love because they are raised in a way that’s ‘born to do what we want rather than what they want

Dogs are not colorblind

Researchers on dogs say that this is not entirely accurate. Apart from the two colors white and black, dogs can also perceive shades of blue, purple, and more shades of gray than humans. They also see better than humans in low light and can detect the slightest movements, a trait that makes them skilled hunters. However, they cannot see the colors red, orange, yellow, and green due to the absence of cone-shaped color-sensitive cells in the retina.

Is a dry dog nose a sign of illness?

The temperature of a pet’s nose can easily change and it’s not necessarily a sign of illness. A dog’s nose can be warm when they lie in the sun, dry when they are in a cool place, or wet when they dip their nose into water. The most noticeable signs of illness are lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, and coughing. If your pet has a runny nose, it’s because its tear ducts drain into the nose.

A limping dog may have a lung issue

Some dogs occasionally have to visit the veterinarian due to limping and are diagnosed with lung cancer. Chest cancer can develop new chains in the leg bones, causing pain and swelling in the dog’s leg. A more characteristic symptom is coughing, although approximately 25% of dogs do not show symptoms

The big, beaming smile of a dog

Dog owners are absolutely correct when they assert that their dogs can smile. When dogs smile, their upper lips curl up, revealing their front teeth, and they may even bow down. However, this “grinning” expression can be easily mistaken for a snarl. If you’re uncertain about the dog’s mood, it’s best not to approach it.

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