Where will be the most suitable parking destination for Osimhen in the summer?


Kylian Mbappe is the player most mentioned in rumors related to Real Madrid. However, having ‘led the nose’ for Los Blancos for many recent years, the image of the French striker has more or less disappeared in the eyes of the upper class as well as fans. Even some directors of the current White Vultures prefer to recruit Victor Osimhen.

The 3 most suitable stops for Osimhen next summer - Football

Mbappe is preferred by Real Madrid over Osimhen.

Real Madrid has a lot of talented wingers, but they are still looking for a truly top-class striker after the departure of Karim Benzema. Joselu has done a good job as a replacement, but at the age of 33, he is only considered a short-term solution.

If they recruit Mbappe, they will save a lot of transfer money, however, Real will still have to spend more on bribes as well as a huge salary for the ‘Ninja Turtle’. Therefore, Osimhen will be a more suitable option from both a financial and professional perspective.

Another candidate competing for the Nigerian striker’s signature is Arsenal, however,  the Gunners did not spend too wisely last summer. After spending so much money on Declan Rice, they also have to look for a true center forward who can guarantee goal output, something Gabriel Jesus cannot do. Instead, the London team brought in a Kai Havertz who is not really needed at the present time.

Mikel Arteta loves players who can combine well with teammates, so Gabriel Jesus or Eddie Nketiah are still used in the team. However, this plan could be a double-edged sword as Arsenal was left behind in the Premier League championship race when Jesus only had 3 goals in the EPL this season. 

Osimhen is definitely a signing that The Gunners are missing , the prospect of him combining with Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard in attack will be highly anticipated by Gunners fans.

In addition, joining Chelsea would be a risky gamble for the Nigerian striker’s career at this time. In addition to being in the process of “restructuring” personnel, the Blues are also famous for being the “graveyard” of talented number 9s, typically: Romelu Lukaku, Fernando Torres, Gonzalo Higuain or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang .

The 3 most suitable stops for Osimhen next summer - Football

Osimhen will be a suitable option for Chelsea.

Many talents have joined Stamford Bridge over the past 18 months but have yet to show their ability due to the club’s ineffective transfer policy. Despite spending huge amounts in the transfer market, the Blues still cannot have a classy number 9 and Victor Osimhen may be the most suitable name for the team right now.

Napoli’s striker will be a great aerial option as well as exploit the space behind the defenders. Chelsea’s advantage right now is that Osimhen is a big fan of Drogba and expressed his desire to move to the Premier League to play.

Real Madrid may not consider him the number 1 choice, while Arsenal’s financial capabilities may not be too strong to convince the Nigerian striker. Although considered quite risky, it seems that Chelsea will be the most suitable team for Osimhen at this time when the Napoli striker can immediately have a starting spot and the Blues will meet his financial needs. for you.

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