50 Cent & Keith Sweat Clown Rick Ross Over Canada Attack hoan

50 Cent Continues To Clown Rick Ross Over Canada Attack With Help Of Keith Sweat

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50 Cent Continues To Clown Rick Ross Over Canada Attack With Keith Sweat’s Help

Drake fans in Canada.

The G-Unit boss hopped on Instagram Live with R&B singer Keith Sweat and comedian Earthquake on Tuesday (July 2), and participated in one of his favorite pasttimes: mocking Rick Ross.

Making light of the recent attack on the MMG mogul and his entourage, he said: “You saw that shit that happened in Canada? Rick Ross got fucked up,” as he shadowboxed into the camera, before laughing hysterically.

Earthquake added: “All his bodyguards need to resign, n-gga. They failed the number one thing. They didn’t guard nobody’s body — including their own.”


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Sweat — who worked with Rozay on the 2014 song “Supreme” — joined the fun by breaking into a rendition of his track “Something Just Ain’t Right,” prompting more laughter from 50 and Earthquake.

“I could do this muthafucka all day with y’all,” Fif said with a smile, revelling in his longtime rival’s misfortune.

The “In Da Club” rapper also posted a parody reenactment of the brawl on Instagram, which featured a Rick Ross lookalike eating chicken wing before watching members of his team take a beating.

Check out both clips below.

The incident in question occured at Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver on Sunday (June 28), where Ross and his entourage were confronted by Drake supporters backstage after playing Kendrick Lamar‘s diss song “Not Like Us.”

After the two camps exchanged words, Rozay was sucker punched in the face by one of the men, leading to an all-out brawl that lasted for several minutes.

The Teflon Don’s crew appeared to have come off worst, with multiple members of his team being knocked to the floor and badly beaten.

Ross, meanwhile, seemingly managed to escape unscathed — minus the initial punch — and was seen fleeing the fight with help of the festival’s security.

50 Cent quickly began taunting his longtime rival by reposting footage of Rick Ross running away from the scuffle and writing: “LMAO [crying face emoji] THE GREAT ESCAPE! MEEKA CALL THE CHASERS, THEY ARE CHASING ME. [grinning face emoji] LOL.”

He also shared a video of Rozay’s ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp mocking the rapper for “throwing no blows”, adding in the caption: “my guess is ya, won’t be going back to Canada acting like it ain’t what it is. LOL @tia_kemp2.”

In a follow-up video, 50 Cent sarcastically expressed concern and sympathy for Ross and his entourage while discussing the brawl.

“Hey guys. I just saw a very unfortunate situation that took place in Canada, and I want to say to everyone that I hope that that brother made it home safely,” he said. “I hope that he now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and what not to do while you’re out in the world.”

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