A COLORFUL Tiger Family Come OUTSIDE at THE First Time (Video)

As the day comes to a close, the animals each have their own way of winding down. Ginger settles in and treats herself to a bedtime snack, savoring a helping of beef. Meanwhile, King makes his way to the milk station, where he eagerly indulges in his nightly ritual. Charlotte, on the other hand, chimes in with a few squawks, signaling to her mom that she’s in need of a little extra affection, perhaps a loving lick or two.

In the past few days, a noticeable shift has occurred in Charlotte’s behavior. She seems to have shifted her focus entirely to Ginger. When I sit by the fence with Ginger, it’s evident that Charlotte becomes quite jealous and, at times, even expresses her frustration by nipping at Ginger. It’s becoming clear to me that Charlotte’s initial attraction to Sugar might have stemmed from a longing for more attention from their mom. As Nina seemed to hold a special place in their mother’s heart, Charlotte may have sought that extra love and attention from Sugar. However, with Ginger now in her world, it appears that Charlotte’s affections have shifted towards her new companion.

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