Adorable Baby Elephant Strives to Emulate His Mom’s Every Move (VIDEO)

As baby animals grow, imitating their parents is one of the most effective ways to acquire essential skills. This is true not only for human infants but also for baby elephants.

Haven, a three-month-old baby elephant, is learning from the best teacher he could have—his mother, Somboon.

Watch the video at the end.

Although Haven has not yet mastered using his trunk to grasp objects, his determination to follow in his mother’s footsteps is evident.

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Whenever Somboon forages for food, Haven eagerly tries to do the same. Haven attempts to mimic her actions when she throws sand on her back to cool off.

While his efforts may not always succeed, each attempt brings him closer to learning the vital skills he needs to become a well-adjusted adult elephant.

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Haven and Somboon share a deep bond, being each other’s sole companions. Haven often crawls under his mother’s feet, and as he grows more significant, he learns to crouch beneath her.

However, an essential milestone still awaits Haven—integrating with the rest of the elephant herd.

To ensure the safety and well-being of all the elephants, the caretakers at the elephant sanctuary gradually introduced Somboon and Haven to the herd.

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Upon joining the group, Haven formed a new bond with the herd’s matron and nanny, Sudarat. Haven could be found cozying up to Sudara when not nestled under his mother’s feet.

With the loving care of two dedicated parental figures, Haven is on the path to becoming a capable and happy adult elephant.

As he continues to grow, he has another role model to emulate while he honing his trunk skills.

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