CM Punk Claims He Would Drag John Cena Out of Retirement for One Last Match.

The 2024 WWE Money in the Bank event in Toronto, Canada, was truly a night of memorable moments and solid matches. Among the highlights was John Cena confirming his retirement from in-ring competition in 2025. CM Punk has now addressed Cena’s retirement and claimed he will drag Cena out of retirement.

Amidst a thunderous ovation, John Cena stepped into the ring at WWE Money in the Bank in Toronto and dropped a bombshell: he announced his upcoming retirement from WWE. The crowd’s reaction was a whirlwind of mixed emotions, reflecting both admiration and sadness at the prospect of Cena hanging up his boots.

CM Punk Reveals What He Told John Cena After Money In The Bank Announcement

In a heartfelt address, Cena expressed his gratitude to the passionate Canadian fans who have steadfastly supported WWE. He chose this moment to reveal that 2025 would mark a series of final moments for him, culminating in his last WrestleMania appearance at WrestleMania 41.

While speaking during the post-Money in the Bank press conference, CM Punk was asked about his thoughts on John Cena announcing his retirement. Punk shared that he texted Cena immediately, telling him not to leave before saying hi. Cena replied with an amusing message, which Punk interpreted as Cena leaving right away due to his busy schedule filming Peacemaker. However, Punk was pleasantly surprised to run into Cena later and told him he would be the one to drag him out of retirement.

CM Punk on John Cena: 'If You Talk About My Career, You Have to Talk About  John'

Punk acknowledged that Cena’s retirement might be serious, but he talked about bringing him out of it in 15 years. Reflecting on their careers, Punk gave emphasis to the significant impact Cena has had on him, stating that discussing his career requires mentioning Cena and vice versa. He expressed pride in their intertwined legacies and admiration for Cena’s decision to retire on his own terms. Punk looked forward to Cena’s future endeavors and suggested they should face each other one more time if Cena were to return.

“I texted him right away and I said, ‘Don’t leave before you say hi to me’. And he texted back, ‘Haha, have a good one tonight’. And I immediately took that as, ‘Piss off, I’m leaving’, so…

“I know he’s busy, he’s filming Peacemaker so I figured he was leaving right away, I was pleasantly surprised to run into him afterwards and I told him I’ll be the guy that drags him out of retirement.

“This retirement that he says he’s gonna adhere to and this is it and when the final one happens that’s gonna be it, like, yeah, 15 years I’ll drag him out of retirement.

“But Cena I think to my career means a lot. I don’t think there’s many people up in that rare air where if you talk about my career, I feel you have to talk about John. And it makes me feel proud that I think if you talk about John’s career, I think you have to talk about me. We’re married in that respect.

“Proud of him, he gets to go out on his terms, I know that’s important. I’m looking forward to what he does, and I told him that if it’s gonna be one more time, we gotta do it at least one more time.”

John Cena also explained why he will retire from in-ring competition in 2025 and that he will not be retiring at WrestleMania 41. Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see if Punk and Cena will end up facing each other one last time inside the squared circle.

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Do you want to see CM Punk and John Cena face each other one last time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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