Cowboys’ Dak Prescott reveals the secret: Walking shoes are ideal for challenging deep-sea fishing trips.

Sounds Fishy: Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Claims Walking Boot Is For ‘Deep Sea Fishing’

FRISCO – Dallas Cowboys star Dak Prescott is offering an interesting explanation for the walking boot he’s wearing on his right foot while on vacation in Cabo, saying is has something to do with a swollen ankle from “deep sea fishing.”

Wait. What?

“I’m great,” Prescott told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in an attempt to either clear up concerns … or maybe goof around, as he noted that the boot is for precautionary reasons because, “the last time I went deep sea fishing my (ankle) swole up.”

dak fish

A Cowboys source tells us the injury is a “non-story.” … but that there is actually a “foot issue” involved and that it is “minor.”

That makes a great deal of sense. Wearing a walking boot in case Dak goes “deep sea fishing” … makes less sense.

We do have a photo of the quarterback on vacation … and he does have a walking boot on his right foot.

Is this a reason for panic? Not according to our source, as again, it is being suggested to us that it is a “minor” foot issue.

dak boot

Is this a reason to re-check the thoughts of “professional sports bettor” Steve Fezzik, who claimed this week on an episode of The Ross Tucker Podcast that Prescott “is not 100-percent” healthy and that he recently underwent an MRI done?


According to Fezzik, it’s concerning enough that gamblers are now betting on the under when it comes to how many games the Cowboys are projected to win this season. …

Some find it noteworthy that this is the same ankle that Prescott broke in gruesome fashion in 2020 season; that seems a bit extreme to us – especially if our information about it being foot-related is accurate.

Meanwhile, we also note once again that Dak – who is involved in a contractual stalemate with Dallas as he enters the final year under his existing deal – did all his minicamp work (we saw that with our own eyes here at The Star) and that 13 days ago he was working out and looking fine at the TE University sessions.

And now he’s either got a “minor foot issue” as training camp reporting day on July 23 approaches … or he needs to avoid “deep sea fishing.”

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