Devin Haney’s father reacts to Ryan Garcia’s UNHINGED racist and Islamophobic rant on social media hoan

Devin Haney’s father reacts to Ryan Garcia’s UNHINGED racist and Islamophobic rant on social media

Bill Haney gives his two cents on Ryan Garcia (Source: IMAGO/ Instagram)

The unhinged Ryan Garcia saga continues. In hindsight, somebody should bar him from attending notorious X-Space convos rather than a WBC expel. A good percent of outrageous claims by the pro boxer corner around him attending X-Spaces. Now, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has expelled him and cut ties due to his viral Islamophobic rants. Rival Devin Haney’s father, Bill Haney, weighs in.

Garcia has been on a downward spiral lately. He is serving a NYSAC-imposed year ban for failing the testing pool. His “A” and later-tested “B” samples had tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine. Ryan Garcia (back to 24-1, 20KOs) out-edged Devin Haney on April 20th at the Barclays Center. With a no-contest and a ban, he has had a mean-spirited turnout. Bill Haney had an unusually classy insight.

I'm definitely not happy to see the kid crashing out, you know, um…I try to be as optimistic I can…as everyone could be with me in my most trying times…But there's no place for that kind of talk…And particularly directed. The way that it's been directed…I think he should get help. That's it …I don't believe in kicking a man while they're down.

Bill Haney via his IG Live (@billhaney__)

With his career-best victory turning into a no-contest, ‘King Ry’ has been more daring than ever with gambling, blame for substance abuse, and wild claims. The cornerstone of his erratic behavior has remained apparent before as well. He went immensely viral, claiming abduction by Bohemian Grove Elites on X-Space with Andrew Tate. While much of that was a buff for his build-up, he still continues to do so.

WBC President Sulaiman had already showered praises on Devin Haney for risking a weight disadvantage in facing him. The 25-year-old had hedged 3.2lbs above the 140-pound limit. Now, with Garcia’s repeatedly unhinged usage of N-slurs and identifying with the Ku Klux Klan (H/T NYPost), WBC had cut ties. Other than Papa Haney, even his own parents have released a statement.

Ryan Garcia’s recent history and behavior forced his parents to issue a statement

It’s a weird notion when even the enemy turns sympathetic. The PED scandal made people turn on Garcia. More to it, Garcia had made quite a mockery by saying he loves steroids. Bill Haney jumped the gun to say he should be taken out of the sport due to such misconduct.

Ryan Garcia's parents speak out on his WBC ban and recent slurs
Ryan Garcia’s parents speak out on his WBC ban and recent slurs (Source: X/

The same Devin Haney and father are now concerned about the troubled boxer. This isn’t the first time Garcia’s wild rumbling has hit close to home. Garcia also went on a rant when the ‘Dream’, a devout practitioner of his religion, could not maintain his fasting schedule while cutting for their match.

Now, with Garcia’s illicit Islamophobic rants, they are prescribing therapy. Consider how his parents might feel. Just a day ago, coach and father Henry Garcia had prescribed therapy for his out-of-touch son as well. Thursday, they released a statement due to the controversial nature of Garcia’s behavior.

Even they could only hope that ‘King Ry’ receives the help he necessarily needs. The future of Garcia in boxing remains uncertain. The entire ordeal brought much negative attention that can derail one’s career. First and foremost, the controversial headlines around Garcia will continue to exist as long as he doesn’t get help to overcome this stage of his life.

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